St. Patrick's day 17/03/2013 - Things you might not know

St. Patrick's day 17/03/2013 - Things you Might not know

To start off let me wish all you guys a very happy,healthy and a safe St. Patrick's day.For those who don't know,St. Patrick's day which is today (17/03/2013) is a festival that takes place every year on March 17th and is celebrated around the world in countries such as United States,Ireland,Canada,Great Britain,Japan,Australia,New Zealand,Switzerland,South Korea among many other countries and includes parades among other festivities.The day is an official holiday for places such as republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
St. Patrick's day
This years festival on 17/03/2013  is also being celebrated with full enthusiasm around the world.Its so great to see a festival lift up the spirits of so many people.A few of my friends in Dublin confirmed that the festival is being celebrated with no loss of enthusiasm despite the chilly weather around the area.People are lining up in the streets waiting to see the parade and there are many tourists who are at the location as well.

Apart from whats happening today i thought i will share with you guys a few things you might not know about the festival.

Things you might not know:

  • St. Patrick was not irish and he did not drive away all the snakes as there weren't any in the island.
  • The color associated with St. Patrick is actually blue and not green
  • Largest Parade of the festival is held outside Ireland
  • A three leaf Shamrock was used to explain the holy trinity.
I have heard a lot about how much fun the occasion generally is but have been unfortunate so far to never experience it.Hopefully in the next few years i will get a chance to see exactly how it feels when i personally experience the parades and all the festivities around.How do you normally celebrate the occasion and what are your plans of a celebration of St. Patrick's day on 17/03/2013?

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