How to change default operating system during windows 7 startup

Change Default operating system highlighted during windows 7 start screen

When you have more than one OS installed on your computer,You might want to change the one that is highlighted as a default when the windows 7 loads up.In today's Tips and tricks section i am going to share with you a small tutorial on how you can change the default operating system (That is already installed on your hard disk separately and displays on the startup screen) to a one of your choice.

To make the change first go into startup and recovery screen by following the path below

Start-->Right click on computer-->Properties-->click on Advanced System Settings on the left hand side-->click on settings below startup and recovery

Once you follow the path above you will see a screen as shown in the screenshot below

startup and recovery

All you have to do once you are in the above screen is click on the dropdown below default operating system and select the one of your choice that you would like to be highlighted when your computer loads up and click on OK and click on apply on the screen below it.You can also choose loads of other features from this screen such as the time of display and based on your requirements you can select the amount of seconds you would like to wait before your computer loads up.

Hope this guide helps you to change your default operating system to the one of your choice.It is always advisable to check the other OS before you choose from the list of options just to make sure it loads up fine.


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