Suffer with me in COD Black Ops 2

Mission Suffer with Me in Black Ops 2:Review,Objectives and challenges

After Karma in COD Black Ops 2 the next mission was even more intriguing.The Mission Suffer with me revealed an important suspense element within the game and i got to be honest i never expected the story to go in the direction in which it actually did in this first person shooter.So,Lets get to it.

Suffer With Me Mission Objective

The objective was to get woods to shoot whom he actually thinks is menendez towards the end of the level.I made a mistake here of shooting the head.Shooting the hands or the limbs ends in a better ending within the mission.However this part of the game was centered around Escorting Noriega to Army Checkpoint.

Mission Challenges:

  • Throw a Knife at the guard at the post(Press the fire button to perform the move)
  • Fight your way through the RPG Blast that causes damage to buildings.
  • User a launcher to destroy Noriega's private jet
  • Eliminate ten enemies with a truck mounted machinegun
  • Eliminate enemy's ZPU
  • Use Nightengale to distract 8 enemies
  • Eliminate fifteen enemies with the IR strobe's mark which can be found on a dead soldier a little ahead from the gated off area.
  • Eliminate 8 enemies in the Clinic
  • Collect all the intels within the area
A little tougher challenge within this Call of Duty Black ops 2 mission was to get Noriega towards the Army which was tough for me to go through because of the intense fight all the way through.The suspense towards the end however was absolutely fantastic.However,bear in mind try not to aim for the head of menendez(You will know why i said that once you complete the mission as i don't want to spoil the suspense for you).

Black Ops 2 Videos from Suffer With Me:

Escort Noriega to Army Checkpoint:

Weird Bug:

Eliminate Menendez

I hope you enjoyed this Black ops 2 Strategy Guide for suffer with me.I will be back hopefully next week with a few hints and tips from the next part within the game.


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