The Voice 25/03/2013 - Season 4 Premiere Review

The Voice 25/03/2013 - Season 4 premiere Review - Shakira and Usher join the show

ShakiraThe Popular American reality talent show is back for a fourth season.This year will see two new Judges Shakira and Usher.Those who made a return at The Voice 25/03/2013 from the last show  were Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.Usher and Shakira took the Place of Christina Aguilera and Cee lo Green who recently departed from the show.

I don't think the new judges are a bad addition to the show as its always good to see some new faces rather than the show going stale.The season 4 Premiere also saw the beautiful Shakira openly criticizing a few singers and also joking about it by saying 'I know i got to keep it under control or you guys will make my life miserable'

Usher on the other hand looked quite chilled out at The Voice 25/03/2013 .Both the new judges comfortably in place while they sat in their chairs and it never looked like they were not a part of the show earlier.

What did you think about The Voice 25/03/2013 Season 4 premiere?

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