How to fix unclickable profile picture in Facebook

How to fix unclickable Facebook profile picture problem

The other day i had a problem with my Facebook (Social Networking Website) as i was unable to click on my main display photo despite changing the privacy settings to public.The actual problem was,when i clicked on it rather than the photo opening in a different screen nothing happened.Through this guide today i will reveal to you  a simple fix to sort out the unclickable Facebook profile picture problem.

Steps to fix the unclickable problem

Before you read through the steps make sure that the privacy settings of your main display photo is either public or friends and not 'Only Me'.
  • Go to your profile picture Album.
  • Browse until you find the existing photo which is unclickable.
  • Once you find it hover the mouse pointer somewhere within the photo.
  • The above step will bring up additional options such as tag photos,options,share and like at the bottom.
  • Click on options
  • Click on Make Profile Picture (Again)
That's about it.This will fix the problem where your friends or you yourself were unable to open up your photo.From what i have seen with my friends or colleagues page on this social networking site,this might just be a minor bug within a system.I actually don't mind the bug as the fix was simple enough and did not make me tear my hair out.

Hope this guide of how to fix unclickable profile picture will help you out.


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