How to uninstall programs on windows 7

Tips on How to uninstall programs on Windows 7 Operating system

Today in the tips and tricks section for computer fixes i will share with you a few tips on how to uninstall programs on windows 7 operating system.The tutorial is a very simple one,So don't worry i am sure you will find it easy to follow.Below are the steps you can follow if you would like to clear up space by uninstalling an application that you might not need or which might be unnecessary.

How to uninstall programs on Windows 7?

Windows 7
You can uninstall programs on windows 7 by going to your control panel screen by following the path below.

Start (Windows Symbol on the bottom left corner) -->Control Panel and below programs click uninstall a program.This will highlight a list of programs that are installed on your computer.All you need to do at this point is highlight the program that you need to remove and click on uninstall on the top of your screen or right click on it and select uninstall.

Tip:You can also access control panel from your desktop (If Enabled) or by going to computer and clicking on open control panel option which you will be able to see at the top your screen

One you have clicked uninstall just keep clicking next and in the end click on finish when the program has been uninstalled.

Note:Make sure you don't remove an application you feel might be related with another application such as adobe flash player,Facebook messenger etc.If you feel you have installed a program earlier which now needs uninstalling only then move forward,Bear in mind that if you remove a program which you are unsure about it might end up making the program that actually needs that particular application to run fail.

In case if you see that your getting an error during the uninstallation,You can download a free application such as Revo Uninstaller through which you can force the program or the application to uninstall itself by right clicking the application within the revo uninstaller and selecting force uninstall.

Hope this guide of how to uninstall programs on windows 7 will help you overcome any confusions you might have.


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