WWE Raw 25/03/2013 - Results,Review and Analysis

WWE Raw 25/03/2013 - Results,Review,Q&A with John Cena and The Rock

The Starting moments of wwe Raw 25/03/2013 Saw CM Punk come into the ring with Paul Heyman,Who had the urn in his hand.Punk Spoke about how Undertaker's streak is in jeopardy at WWE Wrestlemania.Punk played a bit with the urn before he threw it into the mat.He then said he wondered when the lights at Raw 25/03/2013 will go out and he will hear those three golden words ' rest in peace' Just as Punk was about to complete saying that at WWE Wrestlemania 29 undertaker's streak will rest in peace the lights went out and Undertaker appeared in the ring.He beat the hell out of Punk.Paul Heyman managed to pick up the urn and run to the back.CM Punk soon escaped as Undertaker paced around in the ring and did his famous cut throat action.

The next segment at the WWE Raw 25/03/2013 saw Fandango come into the ring with his dancer.Just as Fandango was about to say his name he was interrupted by Chris Jericho who gave him a spear in the center of the ring.Fandango eventually managed to escape but returned after Jericho's match against Dolph Ziggler and beat the hell out of him.

A backstage interview at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 showed Matt Striker interviewing Sheamus about the growing tension between Randy Orton,Sheamus and the Big Show.The shield attacked Sheamus from behind who was finally saved by Randy Orton (Who also ended up beat down) and The Big Show (who cleared The Shield)

In a very important segment of Monday Night Raw 25/03/2013,Triple H came out to the ring and spoke about how he cannot compete if the results of his match against Brock Lesnar does not go in his favor.He further said how much of a beast Brock Lesnar was.He concluded by saying that he wasn't going to fight or wrestle at WWE wrestlemania,he was going to beat the hell out of Lesnar and to make sure that the results are in his favor.

The main segment of WWE Raw 25/03/2013 was the Q&A session where the WWE Legends quizzed John Cena and The Rock.Jerry Lawler introduced the Legends (Booker T,Dusty Rhodes,Micky Foley and Brett Hart) who were a part of the Q&A session on 25/03/2013.

The first participant Lawler introduced for the Q&A at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 was The Rock first who gave a hug to the legends before going towards his podium and then introduced John Cena who also greeted the legends before going towards his podium.
The first question asked at the Q&A at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 was to John Cena.Mick Foley asked Cena if he was prepared to live with the regret after the loss at this years WWE wrestlemania.Cena responded by saying that failure was a very real option to him.He further said that he can handle failure but The Rock knows nothing about failure.

The Rock's response to this was that he has faced failure in the past.He said how he was broke when he was younger with a Knee Injury.He spoke about how he got beaten up by Steve Austin.He further said that these failures made him the man he was today and a man who will beat the hell out of John Cena at WWE Wrestlemania 29

The next question a the Q&A session at the Monday Night Raw on 25/03/2013 was by Bret Hart who asked where was the Bad Blood which was there between Rock and John Cena last year,To this The Rock said that last year it was two guys fighting inside a ring and Cena took the loss like a man.To this John Cena said he also respected The Rock and would like to see how Rock handles the loss in 13 days.

The Rock
The next question at Q&A session at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 was by Booker T who asked John Cena why he thought he could beat The Rock at WWE Wrestlemania.Cena said because he has to.The Rock teased Cena with this answer and asked Cena to tell the real reason why he thinks he can beat The Rock at WWE Wrestlemania.Cena said the real reason was because he beat himself which he has not publicly confessed earlier.He said one moment of a dumb decision caused him his match against The Rock when he tried using Rock's move against him.

Further at the Q&A session at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 The Rock said that if Cena had him beat he should have won the match.He further said he had the answers to all the moves Cena made and quoted as per the WWE Legend Rick Flair 'To Be the man you got to beat the man'

Dusty Rhodes was the final legend at WWE Raw 25/03/2013  to ask a question.He said that Wrestlemania was not about winning or loosing.He asked what Rock's and Cena's expectations really were coming out of Wrestlemania 29.Cena said he wanted Rock beat so bad that it haunts him for the rest of his life.To this Rock mocked Cena and told him he is not made that way.He said that after Wrestlemania he will still wake up as a People Champion whereas Cena will wake up with his head inside fruity pebbles.

The last moment of WWE Raw 25/03/2013 saw Cena and The Rock getting set for a fight.Cena removed his shirt and cap and did his gesture on the Rock's face to which Rock Shoved him.Cena Retaliated trying to give and attitude adjustment to The Rock.The Rock finally had the last laugh after he gave a rock bottom to Cena and held his Championship title high with Cena looking visibly upset as the Raw went off air.

WWE Raw Supershow 25/03/2013 Results

WWE Raw 25/03/2013 results
Chris Jericho Defeated Dolph Ziggler
Mark Henry Defeated The Usos
Antonio Cesaro Defeated Alberto Del Rio
Kane and Daniel Bryan Defeated Titus O'Neil and Darren Young
The Miz Defeated Wade Barrett
The Shield defeated Zack Ryder,Justin Gabriel and The Great Khali
Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow defeated Brodus Clay and Tensai
Ryback Defeated 3MB
AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn

My Views on Results after watching WWE Raw 25/03/2013

Even though the results of some of the wwe raw matches didn't go the way i expected,The events that took place at  WWE Raw 25/03/2013 seem to suggest that there are huge expectations from Rock-Cena angle at Wrestlemani 29 just like last year.

The other angle at Raw 25/03/2013 that was interesting to see was CM Punk getting on the nerves of Undertaker.Will the deadmans streak finally get over?At every wrestlemania the results have gone in favor of Taker and i don't think the results of Wrestlemania 29 will be different either.

Fandango seems to be having major problems with Chris Jericho at almost all the Raw Episodes,it will be interesting to see how he performs in ring in a proper match without attacking superstars from behind.

The results of The Miz-Barrett match at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 definitely showed Miz is no longer a heel.It would be nice to see him being the intercontinental champion soon.

With Wrestlemania 29 just 13 days away and things heating up at WWE Raw 25/03/2013 the anticipation has gone to a whole new level now.

The important question still remains will the results go in Favor of John Cena this year?Or will The Rock have a cake walk once again

So what are your views on the results of WWE Raw 25/03/2013?

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