The Shield attacks Sheamus at WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013

WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013 - Results and Review of the Show

The Friday Night Smackdown this week didn't impress much.The show every week proves how WWE Raw has always been more dominant over Smackdown.After last weeks show went off air the main focus of the WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013 was on Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio feud which to be honest does not seem to be going anywhere at the moment.

Sheamus gave a brogue kick to The Big Show at WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013The Friday Night Smackdown Supershow this week started off with a match between Alberto Del Rio and Damien Sandow.Team Hell No,Darren Young and Titus O'Neil,The Big Show,Randy Orton and The Miz were others who were also involved in various matches at WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013 as well.

There were a couple of storyline segments at the Smackdown Supershow one of which showed Fandango cancelling his debut until Matt Striker could pronounce his name correctly which didn't happen during the show.

The second storyline involved Jim Ross make an attempt to interview Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger who during the interview took a dig at the Oklahoma Sooners which didn't go well with the WWE Universe.They also went ahead to speak about Alberto Del Rio's English speaking skills which ended up in an argument and Swagger ended up smacking JR'S hat off his head.Alberto Del Rio eventually did come out to the ring to save the broadcaster and the segment ended much like last Week with Swagger-Del Rio Stare down.

Earlier during the WWE Smackdown show a match was announced between Randy Orton and The Big Show.Sheamus promised to have Orton's back during the match.The Shield then made its presence felt once again Surrounding the Smackdown ring waiting for the arrival of Sheamus to lay an attack.

After Orton and Sheamus were beat down  by the Shield,Roman Reigns got a KO from the Big Show which made Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins run for cover.Randy Orton was then Chokeslammed by the Big Show but Sheamus soon came in and planted a Brogue kick on the Big Show which ended with the result of the match as a no contest.

WWE Smackdown on 01/03/2013 Results

Results of WWE Smackdown 01/03/2013
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Damien Sandow
Antonio Cesaro Defeated The Miz
Darren Young and Titus O’Neill defeated Team Hell No
Sin Cara defeated Heath Slater
Randy Orton Vs Big Show ended in a no contest

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