Randy Orton-Big Show help Sheamus at WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013

WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013: Randy Orton,Big Show and Sheamus unite against The Shield

The old school raw Monday night was followed by an equally better Smackdown show on Friday.The Friday Night Smackdown kicked off with the anticipation of two big matches which were announced for the night.Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler and Big Show Vs Sheamus were all set to be the main event for the night at WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013.

Apart from the main event other superstars such as Ryback,Mark Henry,Drew McIntyre,Heath Slater,Daniel Bryan and Kane were also a part of the Smackdown Supershow.

The Show kicked off with Zeb Coulter and Jack Swagger in the opening promo which was interrupted by Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio doing a parody of Zeb Coulter's and Jack Swagger's 'We The People' Clips.

Dolph Ziggler was backstage with Big E Langston and AJ Lee.He guaranteed a victory over Alberto Del Rio and said he will make history at WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013.The Segment ended with Ziggler Kissing AJ Lee.

Matt Striker interviewed The Big Show about being attacked by the shield on Monday after WWE Raw went off air.Show guaranteed he will take Sheamus down at WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013.

A backstage segment showed AJ Lee dying from her water attack.Just as she was having the attack she was mocked by Daniel Bryan who said how her current boyfriend has never been the world champion to which AJ retaliated by reminding him of how he lost his title in 18 seconds 

Fandago was supposed to make his debut at WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013 but decided against it as Lillian Garcia mispronounced his name.

The main event of WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013 was the Big Show vs Sheamus which ended a no contest as The Shield attacked.However the segment showed Big Show,Randy Orton and Sheamus reuniting against the shield just for a few moments until The Big Show attacked Sheamus and Randy orton gave an RKO to The Big Show as the Smackdown supershow went off air.

Results of WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013

WWE Smackdown on 08/03/2013 Results
Team Hell No Defeated Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater
Ryback Defeated Damien Sandow
Alberto Del Rio Defeated Dolph Ziggler
Mark Henry Defeated Yoshi Tatsu
Tamina Defeated Kaitlyn
Sheamus Vs Big Show ended in No Contest

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