WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 is finally here

WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 available for download

A couple of weeks back we spoke about how the Cross-platform instant messaging application WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 was expected to release in march.The news that looked like a rumor has turned out to be true as the application has finally been released.

Brian Acton,The Co founder of this popular instant messaging application said that the release has finally helped them achieve their goal which is to make sure that people around the world can communicate with their loved ones.

WhatsApp have been very active with their updates on smartphones and had recently also launched a beta version of  holo interface  within the application.

As per reports the famous instant messaging application will allow push notifications and send alerts even when the screen is locked.In addition to the notifications the app will also integrate with all the contacts within the smartphone.

Users can now download WhatsApp for blackberry 10 free of cost and that's not all,BBM also known as Blackberry Messenger which is known as one of the competitors of the WhatsApp messenger will now work through a wifi connection for users who own the latest blackberry smartphones.The only disadvantage of the BBM now remains that it works only within the blackberry devices irrespective of which operating system its being used on.

The company has been severely criticized due to the lack of applications available for their smartphone devices.Most of the applications available for the devices were generally ported from the other platforms such as Android and iOS.With the launch of their latest smartphones/operating system hopefully the company will look more into their creativity towards new applications they produce in the future.

Apart from WhatsApp for blackberry 10 the Q10 device which will include a hardware keyboard is expected to launch soon.


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