Achilles Veil in COD Black Ops 2

Achilles Veil Mission in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Review,Objectives and Challenges

After the Suffer with me mission which i played last week in this first person shooter video game,this week i played another mission which was called as Achilles Veil,this part of the game gets into more details about what menendez has been planning.Just like its previous levels this level also involved a lot of twists and turns.


The Objective involved around Farid's survival.Towards the end of the level a decision will have to be made to either stay faithful to menendez or go against him.This will help in determining what takes place further within the next few levels within the game.

Challenges in Achilles Veil in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

  • Twenty enemy quad drones to be destroyed
  • Eliminate twenty enemies with a sword which can be found at the access kit by Farid at the start of the marketplace.
  • Melee twenty enemies using Optical camouflage which can be found in an access kit in the room after you find the first piece of intel
  • Eight Quad drones to be destroyed with turrent which can be found in the second marketplace.
  • Eliminate 5 enemies through an exploding vehicle
  • Eliminate 4 enemy ASD'S 
  • Eliminate 5 enemies VTOL gunners
Apart from the challenges the level mostly involves Farid following Menendez throughout.Towards the end of mission a choice has to be made by Farid to either be with Menendez or against him.

Achilles Veil in black ops 2 Pictures

Menendez eliminating a helicopter

menendez securing a soldier

A riot

A look of the mission

Call of duty Black Ops 2 Videos - Rendezvous with Menendez

did you get a chance of playing  Achilles Veil in Black ops 2?How did you like it?


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