How to add alt tags to images for better SEO

A tutorial on how to add alt tags to images 

An Alt tag which is an alternative text that is displayed to users who for some reason are unable to load images on their devices is a very important factor that contributes towards ranking.In today's tips and tricks section i will share with you a few simple tips on how to add alt tags to images.Its a very simple thing to do but goes a long way in ranking your post so read the next few lines carefully and make sure you implement this to every image you upload to your blog or a website.

Steps to add Alt images:

As i said earlier its very easy to implement this tag to an image that you upload on your website or a blog.All you need to do is go to the html editor section of the post you are creating and add the tag after <img which will be followed by ="(Your description of the picture)">

For example lets say i upload a picture of a lion running towards a deer,I would then add the attribute as <img alt="A lion hunting a deer" (This will be followed  by the other details of your image such as width,height,border etc)>

Its even more simple to add these tags to a blogger blog.All you need to do is click on the picture that you have uploaded on the post screen,select properties and enter an alt text of your choice and that's it.

Note:This is a very important aspect of SEO and goes a long way in improving the ranking of a website or a blog as the google bots cannot read a picture,they will however be able to read the alt text that will add value to the content you post.

Adding these tags is just another way of Google reminding all the webmasters that the content needs to be created keeping the users in mind.

While creating a post every webmaster must keep in mind that every person checking the webpage might not have the same privileges to access the webpage exactly how we create it.Its better to be prepared for such cases and make the page accessible by all the users.If you follow these rules you will end up making Google very happy as well.

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