How to use adwords keyword tool to target keywords

Adwords Keyword Tool - How to target Keywords

A few days back i posted a basic guide of how to do keyword research to increase traffic.Today,I will be sharing with you a few tips and tricks on how you can target Keywords using the Adwords Keyword tool.These tips will help you increase your website's SEO which will result in a boost in traffic.

To target keywords using the Adwords Keyword Tool you will need the following
  • Google login credentials
  • A list of keywords (Long Tail Keywords) you are trying to target
  • A basic idea of what your post is going to be about
Once you have the above ready login to the adwords keyword tool,you will then see the following screen

Adwords Keyword Tool

All you need to do here is search for the word you are looking to target next to the box that says word or phrase.In the above example i have searched for Keyword Research which shows medium competition but has a global monthly search of 9,900 and local (USA) search of 3,600.

Keeping the above example in mind,Since the competition in the above search results is medium its better to add one or two more words to what you are targeting such as keyword research to increase traffic,Keyword research to boost traffic or something unique.Once you search for the terms i just described it will bring a list that shows the competition and amount local and global monthly searches that revolve around those long tail keywords.As i said in my earlier post it is always a wise idea to target long tail words to rank higher within the Google search results.

Points to remember while using Adwords Keyword Tools

  • Make sure you have clicked on [exact] match on the left hand side of your screen before you have searched for the words you are trying to target
  • Under Advanced Options and filters make sure that you filter the keyword search results to low competition and to show the results with more than 1000 and less than 60,000 queries per month.
I would love to say that's about it but there is a lot more to the research.Once you have the words you are happy with,You can proceed to the next step.

The word you have now done a research on will be your primary keyword.Now you need to search for the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) words.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI keywords are the words that are related to the primary word you are looking to target.For Example lets say you are looking to target a Cannon Camera,Your LSI keywords will then be Megapixels,Zoom in,Zoom out,Flash among other things related to the camera.Along with these basic LSI words you can think you you will also find a lot of LSI words on your adwords keyword tool below keyword ideas.

Try to maintain a word density of 1-3% and use a lot of LSI keywords within your post.Once you follow these steps Google will treat your content as a high quality one which will help you rank higher in the SERPS.Hope the tutorial of mine about Adwords Keyword tool will help you achieve higher ranking.


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