Best free iPhone games which are very addictive to play

Ten of the best free iPhone games

Last month i shared with you ten of the best applications you can download for the Apple's Smartphone known as the iPhone.Considering today's generation titles which are mostly played on a tablet or a smartphone,Below is a list of ten of the best free iPhone games.

Best free addictive iPhone titles

1.Rhino Ball:

The gameplay involves tilting your smartphone forwards, backwards, left and right to guide a Rhino through the city while avoiding obstacles in the way.


The title involves shooting baskets in shot motion which is quite addictive to play.


Igolf allows players to use their smartphone as a golf stick and swing across and lets you know how far the ball traveled.

4.Adrenaline Pool Lite

One of the best pool games around.The game includes a 3D view with a lot of cool effects.

5.Jelly Car:

A platform car game which involves the players driving the car through squishy worlds.The objective of the game is to reach the exit.

6.Tap Tap Revenge

A music game that involves a test of rhythmic skills where a player needs to tap through the beats

7.Aero Guitar

One of my favorite free games,Air guitar free lets the players to use their smartphone like an air guitar which is quite addictive when you start playing it.

8.Diamond Twister Lite

This is one of the few games thats addictive on all platforms such as Android,Windows Phone,PC as well as online.The game involves players to line up three similar kinds of diamonds

9.Labyrinth Light edition

In this title players control a ball within a wooden labyrinth by tilting the screen on your smartphone.


Cube is a single player/Multiplayer title that involves players going through a mini map fighting their way through.The title is fun to play just like a cool FPS game within your PC.

Which one is your favorite from the list of the best free iphone games?


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