Denny Hamlin car crash results in him being hospitalized

Denny Hamlin Car Crash results in him being airlifted to a hospital

Denny Hamlin who is a popular American Nascar race car driver has been hospitalized following his Auto Club 400 car crash.As per the news,the Denny Hamlin Car Crash has resulted in him being airlifted to a hospital where he will remain overnight.

His girlfriend 'Jordan Fish' has also posted a tweet on her twitter page thanking everyone for their support.

The incident took place when Denny was drag racing with Joey Logano.As the incident occured Logano went into the outside wall whereas Hamlin went into the inside wall which resulted in Kye Busch sailing towards victory.There is also said to be an ongoing feud between Denny and Logano with both of them having a war of words on twitter.

Even though Hamlin seemed to show some kind of a remorse last week Logano does not look to be in a mood of forgetting everything yet.

Jordan Fish also stated in her tweet that her boyfriend was alert and awake and the only concern for them as of now was his back since he was hospitalized.The name of the hospital he was hospitalized in was not revealed.

For those who would like to pray for this awesome nascar driver can use the twitter and tweet using the hashtag #prayersfordh.

Kyle Busch on the other hand was very happy as the Auto Club 400 was his first victory of the season and said he was hoping to get through to the finish line before the car crash.

Hopefully the Denny Hamlin Car crash in the Auto club 400 would not cause much on an impact on the career of this awesome nascar driver and we will see him being released from the hospital and back to action soon.

photo credit: Brian Canton


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