Triple H Signs Contract at WWE Raw on 18/03/2013

WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 - Results,Review and Full analysis of the show

The WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 kicked off with a recap from last week's Raw that included segments of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk.The Raw Supershow this week however started with John Cena making his way to the ring.

John Cena told the WWE universe that they have 20 days left to pick a team (John Cena or The Rock) .He further said that he will not make the same mistake he did last year of predicting a winner and looking at the Wrestlemania logo said his famous catchphrase 'Your Time is up,Our time now' 

Moving further at the WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 Cena was interrupted by Titus 'O Neil and Darren Young.O'Neil went on to say that the Prime Time Players were ready for wrestlemania 29 as well .Titus O' Neil appeared as a new character named Rufus 'Pancake Patterson' and claimed that Titus was his Nephew.He got Darren Young to look like Cena and said that he should be in the cover of Cocoa Pebbles,Since John Cena is already in the cover of Fruity Pebbles.After a bit more of an argument Patterson said he would love to face Cena but would rather see Darren Young take him out.Young said Cena will be crying and weeping after their match tonight.Things get a lot more serious at this point and Cena asked young to step into the ring and face him.

After the match between Ryback and David Otunga at the WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 out came Mark Henry who was stopped by Teddy Long and Vickie Guerrero.Vickie further said that Ryback will be out of the six man tag team match at WWE Wrestlemania 29 as he will face Mark Henry instead.

Triple H
The next match was set to be Fandango against The Great Khali.Fandango failed to debut once again as he said Khali was far to stupid to pronounce his name.Fandango called Natalya (Who accompanied The Great Khali) as a Canadian Slice and asked her to pronounce his name.Natalya purposely messed up and asked Khali to go after Fandango who ran out of the ring with his dancer.Fandango once again told the WWE universe that 'Tonight was the night when the WWE universe almost got to see the debut of Fandango'.

During a backstage segment at at wwe raw on 18/03/2013 The Bella Twins were hanging out with Cody Rhodes when Kaitlyn came up to Rhodes and said she has something going on later and that they can hang out.The Bella Twins interrupted and said nobody cares.Kaitlyn told The Bella's that they can have Rhodes Mustache and Rhodes can have theirs before the end of the segment.

Further on at Monday Night Raw on 18/03/2013 The Undertaker came towards the ring and said that CM Punk had sealed his fate after deciding to face him at Wrestlemania 29.Taker further said that Punk has a chance to save himself by bringing out the Urn now.A voice was Paul Bearer was heard around the arena and the titan tron showed CM Punk mocking bearer.Punk apologized he could not hit the note bearer once did and was acting as if Bearer was speaking to him through the Urn.Punk continued talking to taker juggling the urn in his hand.Punk further said he is a higher power and is ready to go through hell to beat Taker's streak.He then dropped the urn and said 'That's pretty much it'

Another backstage segment at Monday Night Raw Supershow saw Chris Jericho in an interview with Josh Matthews.Jericho talked about his history with the intercontinental championship and said how he is going to make it his ten time as a champion tonight.Jericho was then interrupted by Fandango who showed him how his name was actually pronounced.Jericho called fandango with a bunch of  funny names such as fandungo,fan-dunghole etc.Fandango said that soon Jericho will learn to pronounce his name correctly.

After the match between Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes at the at wwe raw on 18/03/2013,Jack Swagger attacked Del Rio and after a bit of fight just as Del Rio was about to attack Zeb Coulter,Swagger attacked Del Rio on the steel steps and told him never to lay his hands on Coulter.Ricardo tried to make a save but got a huge clothesline with an ankle lock before Swagger and coulter made their way towards the backstage.

After Sheamus and Randy Orton Vs Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre wrestling match at WWE Raw on 18/03/2013,The Shield tried to make their way towards the ring but as soon as they saw Big Show Joining Orton and Sheamus they retreated and left.

After Dolph Ziggler won his match against Kofi Kingston at WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 out came Kane and Daniel Bryan who congratulated him and Bryan said they are happy to see Big E Langston and Ziggler finally on the same page.After which a match between Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston against Kane and Daniel Bryan for WWE wrestlemania 29 is confirmed.

During the most important and the last segment of WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 Triple H came out to the ring to sign the contract to make his match against Brock Lesnar at WWE wrestlemania 29 official.Heyman teased HHH with a list of stipulations they are looking to set.He teased Triple H with a list of untrue stipulations such as Triple H Blindfolded,Hands Cuffed and Ankles Shackled.He further said Brock Lesnar has chosen him to choose the stipulations.Heyman asked HHH if he would like the stipulation of Winner getting Stephanie McMahon but soon changed it and said it would be better if the looser of the match gets Stephanie McMahon.This irked Triple H who slamed Heyman's head on the table and went after him.Heyman called for help from Brock Lesnar but HHH said he will not be out until he signs the contract and would like to enjoy the moment.

Triple H finally signs the contract during the end of  WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 and asks Heyman to bring out Lesnar.Lesnar comes out with a steel chair and HHH now had a sledge hammer in his hand.Brock Lesnar then threw the chair towards the ring as he way on his way back.Heyman said the amount of beating he took was worth it as it made Triple H sign the contract and confirmed that the stipulations at Wrestlemania match Between HHH and Brock Lesnar will be a No Holds barred match with Triple H's Career on the line.

Full Results of WWE Raw on 18/03/2013

WWE Raw on 18/03/2013 Results
John Cena Defeated Darren Young
Ryback Defeated David Otunga
Fandango Vs The Great Khali never started
R-Truth Defeated Damien Sandow
Kane and Daniel Bryan Defeated Primo and Epico
Alberto Del Rio defeated Cody Rhodes
Sheamus and Randy Orton Defeated Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Kofi Kingston
Wade Barrett defeated The Miz and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match for the intercontinental championship

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