American Idol 11/04/2013 Results and Review

American Idol 11/04/2013 Results,Review and the Elimation

The American Idol Show on 11/04/2013 revealed an elimination and the five contestants that will move forward of this iconic reality game song/singing competition created by Simon Fuller.Six contestants to make it to the top before the episode were
  1. Lazaro Arbos
  2. Janelle Arthur
  3. Candice Glover
  4. Kree Harrison
  5. Amber Holcomb
  6. Angie Miller

Top 5 Probables

The singers who were safe were about to revealed at the show but at this night all eyes seemed to be stuck on Lazaro Arbos.He didn't have a great time as he got a lot of critical reviews for his performance.

The contestants who looked obvious to be safe were
  1. Kree Harrison
  2. Amber Holcomb
  3. Candice Glover
  4. Angela Miller
  5. Janelle Arthur

Final Results/Elimination

Top 2: Kree and Candice
Middle 2: Angie and Janelle
Bottom 2: Lazaro and Amber.

The Show ended with Lazaro's elimination which brought his journey on the show to an end.

What did you think about the results,review,elimination and the top 5 of American Idol announced on 11/04/2013?


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