American Idol 18/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

American Idol 18/04/2013 - Results,Recap and Review

The American Idol 18/04/2013 was a results episode where one contestant from the show was making her way back.The show had its moments with the music of the 70's and even included Paula Abdul who made a return.Read on the complete Results,Recap,Review and what exactly went down at the episode that aired on 18/04/2013.

While the results were being announced by Ryan Seacrest it was revealed that Candice Glover,Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb were safe,Which left Kree Harrison and Jannelle Arthur in the bottom two on 18/04/2013.

Kree Harrision Recap

The shock of the night at American Idol 18/04/2013 Results show was seeing Kree Harrision in the bottom two.Kree had performed to the songs 'She talks to angels' by The Black Crowes and 'Have you ever been in love' by Celine Dion the night before and to be honest he performance was not that bad.Thankfully she was safe.

Janelle Arthur Recap

The American Idol 18/04/2013 Results show saw Janelle Arthur being eliminated.Jannelle Arthur who performed to the songs 'When i Call your name' by Vince Gill and 'Dumb Blonde' by Dolly Parton's got mixed reviews from the Judges as they claimed she could have done better without a guitar.

She sang the song 'You Keep me Hanging on' at American Idol 18/04/2013 to "Hopefully" make the Judges use their only option of a save on her.Unfortunately that was not the case as the results remained final despite Mariah Carey and Keith Urban trying to make the Save as they were not supported by Nicki Minaj and Randy Orton.

Angie Miller Recap

Angie Miller is on a roll and her performance the night before showed why she is one of the strongest contenders of American Idol 2013.Her performances of  "Halo" and "I'll Stand by you" on the night before were couple of the best performances on the show.

Amber Holcomb Recap

Amber Holcomb also received a lot of praises for her performances on Thursday night.The judges also gave her great compliments such as her performance being Classy.Her choice of songs and experimentation has been excellent,but she will need to play it safe as the competition for the upcoming weeks are going to be fierce.

Candice Glover Recap

Candice Glover is undoubtedly one of the most powerful performers at the American Idol.The judges in all probability are saving their option where they can save a contestants in the future for her in case if something goes wrong.

The American Idol 18/04/2013 results show also included Paula Abdul who was seen grace the stage for the first time since 2009.She had compliments in store for Candice.Paula was in tears when she told Candice how she wept  and was moved by her decision to sing straight up this week.

It will be interesting to see how things shape up in the upcoming weeks with just four contestants left.

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