American Idol 24/04/2013 Recap and Review

American Idol 24/04/2013 - Recap/Review

Last week on American Idol we Saw Janelle Arthur making her way back which left four strong contestants left in the show.The show on 24/04/2013 saw the Judges being a little more strict with the performances of the contestants.Read on for the Recap of what went down at this American singing competition that aired on Wednesday night.

Recap/Review (24/04/2013)

Over the past few weeks of American Idol,Candice Glover and Kree Harrision have dominated the show with her powerful singing.The show on 24/04/2013 was a little different as the Judges were not only looking for good singers but were also expecting a good stage presence.Kree and Candice were criticized for their performances which resulted in the former almost being in tears.

On the positive note Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb got a lot of positive feedbacks.On 24/04/2013 each Contestants performed to two songs,one of which was chosen by them and the other chosen  within the viewer-selected theme of "One Hit Wonders"

Lets now take a closer look at the individual performance recap of American Idol 24/04/2013.

Amber - Recap/Review

Round 1: Song Performed -The Power of Love by Celine Dion

Amber's performance to the song The Power of Love was appreciated by the judges with them claiming that the Song was made for her.They even said she has an amazing voice.

Round 2: Song Performed: MacArthur Park by Richard Harris

During Round two of American Idol 24/04/2013,Amber performed to the song MacArthur Park by Richard Harris.She selected a 60's tune,so her performance was unpredictable at the start.However after she completed the song,she got a positive review from Randy Jackson who said 'I would sign her right now'

Candice Glover - Recap/Review

Round 1: Song Performed - Find Your Love by Drake

Candice opted to sing the song Find your Love,Even though she is a powerful contestant in American Idol.This performance of hers didn't get her a positive feedback with Randy Jackson saying "It can't always sound like you're in church"

Round 2 : Song Performed - Emotion by Samantha Sang

At round 2 Candice performed to the song Emotion by Samantha Sang,her performance this time around was appreciated by Randy Jackson who said she redeemed herself through this performance while Keith Urban Mocked at the retroness of the song,it was revealed that Candice was actually suffering from a terrible cold at American Idol 24/04/2013.

Kree Harrision - Recap/Review

Round 1: Song Performed - It Hurts So Bad by Susan Tedeschi

Kree was another strong contestant who didn't get too many positive reviews on 24/04/2013.The Judges claimed her performance was not top four worthy.Harrision had tears in the eyes while she was also told to step up her game if she needs to remain in the running in American Idol.

Round 2: Song Performed - A whiter Shade of pale by Procol Harum/Annie Lennox

Kree's next performance at American Idol 24/04/2013 was the song Whiter shade of pale.To this performance Nicki Minaj bluntly told Kree that she thinks she will be at the bottom two..

Angie Miller - Recap/Review

Round 1: Song Performed - Who You Are by Jessie J

Angie Miller's performance at American Idol was appreciated with all the judges while they claimed that she pulled off the version of the song which was better than Jessie J.She was one of the best performances of the night on 24/04/2013.

Round 2: Song Performed - Cry Me a River by Julie London

Angie's second round performance of Cry Me a River by Julie London was an average performance.Keith Urban claimed the performance "Mystical and Celestially Powerful" whereas Mariah Carey found it Elegant and Randy Jackson said it was the best performance of the night.

As far as the Duets were concerned Kree and Amber performed to Rumor has it by Adele,it was evident through the performance that Amber is quite confident now.Angie and Candice performed to Stay by Rihanna which was not that bad either.

That's it for the recap of American Idol 24/04/2013.Hope you enjoyed it.

What are your thoughts about the Recap and Review of the American idol that Aired on 24/04/2013?


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