American Idol 25/04/2013 Recap

American Idol 25/04/2013 Recap

American Idol on Thursday Night was supposed to be the night when the results were announced and one contestant's dreams were shattered.The show had a few surprises in store which i honestly didn't expect.Read on for the American Idol 25/04/2013 Recap.

American Idol 25/04/2013 - Recap

The show started with Ryan Seacrest announcing a shocking news that would impact the judges and will turn the American Idol competition upside down.The news was that no one will be eliminated on 25/04/2013.

The reason behind this might be to ensure the show ended on time as it would have ended a week prior if the judges decided to use their save.

Looking at the recap of the Performances this week Candice Glover and Amber Holcomb were at the bottom two which now gives a good chance to Kree Harrision and Angie Miller during the next round of performances.All the votes from this week will be combined with the next week before they announce the results.

Looking at the American Idol 25/04/2013 Recap,The Show featured music from Stefano Lagone and Lee DeWyze,there was a guest appearance from Drake as well.Since there was nothing to do at the episode and just time to kill,The contestants were asked to name five things about themselves in 20 Seconds in which Angie got three,Candice got four and Kree got two.Amber however was able to name six things about herself as she won.

I wonder if there was a flaw in the concept of the show that ended up with such a drastic move where they decided not to announce the results.Keeping all things aside it will be interesting to see what happens next week and who the judges decide to save towards the grande Finale.

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