April Fools' Day 01/04/2013 - Classic Pranks

April Fools' Day 01/04/2013 - A few classic Pranks

Its that time of the year again where people around the world gear up to play pranks on each other as a part of the April Fools Day.Since today 01/04/2013 is the April Fools day,let me share with you a few classic pranks which cannot be forgotten as a part of history.
April Fools' Day
  • In 1980 BBC broadcasted that the world famous Big Ben will have a digital readout.This obviously shocked the listeners and many protested the change.BBC Japanese also claimed to give the clock hands to first four listeners who called in.
  • In the year 2007 a website of Lebanon Circle Magik Co uploaded an image of an 8 inch mummified creature which resembled the fairy.The website claimed that the dog had found the creature in rural Derbyshire.This ended up with the website getting numerous hits and emails.During the end of April 1st the owner of the website claimed that the image was indeed a hoax.
  • In April 1978 a large iceberg appeared in the center of the Sydney Harbor,It was claimed that the iceberg was from Antartica.However when it started to rain the plastic sheets below showed this as one of the classic pranks.
  • In April 1860 people in London received an invitation to watch the washing of the white lions at the Tower of London.When they reached the spot they were disappointed to find that the lions were not kept in the tower since a long time.
  • In April 1998 Burger King gave a full page advertisement claiming to have introduced a new sandwich for 32 million left handed Americans.Many people ordered the sandwich while others preferred the right handed.
  • On April 1st 1972 a newspaper headlines announced that the loch ness monter had been found which turned out to be bull elephant seal.
  • in 1977 the guardian published a 7 page report about how a city had been found below the Indian ocean.As their phones ran all the day this turned out to be nothing but a classic prank.
  • During an interview on BBC Radio 2 in 1976,An astronomer named Patrick Moore claimed that a rare astronomical phenomena was about to take place as Pluto was going to pass behind Jupiter.He claimed that this will cause a gravitational alignment which will cause the earths gravity to decrease.He also said people would be able to fell a strange floating sensation if they jumped at a particular time.The funniest thing about this one of the most classic pranks was that many people called in and claimed that they felt the sensation.
  • One of the best April Fools day prank took place in  1957 when a three minute clip showed about the bumper spaghetti harvest in Southern Switzerland.Many people called up BBC to ask how they can harvest the same.

  • In 1962 in Sweden there was only one television Channel.The station announced that their technical expert will reveal a few secrets about how viewers can see in color through their black and white television.The expert told viewers to cut open a pair of stockings and tape them over the screen.Many fell for this classic prank.
  • One of the best classic pranks of Today's April Fool's Day (01/04/2013) is by Google who introduced Google nose which will help users search for smell.
Happy April Fools Day 01/04/2013 everyone.

If you have any April fools day prank you have played or planning to play today 01/04/2013,Please leave a comment below with the details.



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