Battlefield 4 Multiplayer feature most anticipated

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer feature looked forward to by fans

Battlefield 4

As the Battlefield 4 release is around the corner,the fans have made their voices heard by saying that the most anticipated feature that is awaited by most of them for the fourth edition of this superhit video game is the Multiplayer mode.If you have a look at the official blog of the game a poll conducted confirms that 82 percent of the fans are looking forward of the multiplayer mode.

This poll has been running on their blog since March 27th and has a lot of votes.The poll asks players what they are looking forward to within the upcoming release of the franchise.To this 82% claimed that multiplayer was one feature they cannot wait to explore.

The remaining 18 percent are waiting to know what single player mode will have in store for them.It was only recently confirmed that the game will be making its way during Q4 2013.

EA has also confirmed the release of the beta version of the game during the later part of the  year for those who buy Medal of Honor Warfighter.

The game is set to make its way for PC,Xbox 360,PlayStation 3 but the exact release date has not been confirmed so far.

What are your expectations from the Battlefield 4 multiplayer?


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