Britain's Got talent 13/04/2013 - First Auditions Results

Britain's Got talent 13/04/2013 - First Auditions -  Results,Review and Recap

The British television talent show competition is back with an all new season.Britain's got talent started off with a blast on 13/04/2013 with its first auditions from season 7.The first episode/Audtions confirmed the judges of this season to be Amanda Holden,Alesha Dixon,David Williams and Simon Cowell.Read on for the results,review and recap of the show that aired on April 13th.

Results,Review and Recap (13/04/2013)

Before Britain's got talent kicked off on 13/04/2013 the show had a bit of controversy surrounding it as people blamed that the show lacked variety.It will be interesting to see how the show moves along in the upcoming weeks and if it really lives up to its expectations.

Auditions Review and Recap (13/04)

Sometimes watching Britain's got talent can get funny.The First episode of season 7 on 13/04/2013 included a strange man doing wild animal impersonations and communicating in growls,this probably gives a hint of what we can expect this season.After this we got to see a mother daughter country singing duo,a man throwing buckets of water of himself and the funny list just never ends.let me get into the review,results and recap who got through.

Jack Carroll Review,Recap and Results (April 13th 2013)

One of the best contestants of Britain's got talent on 13/04/2013 was Jack Carroll,a 14 year old cerebral palsy sufferer who managed to impresses the judges and the crowd after the other funny contestants failed to impress.David Williams said  'Jack you are a comedy genius' after which he was awarded with four yesses.The judges after announcing the results also went on to say that every joke was a winner.

Alice Fredenham Review,Recap and Results (April 13th 2013)

Alice Friedenham,a 28 year old beauty therapist blew everyone away with her powerful voice that Simon Cowell claimed to be 'Liquid Gold',She did exceptionally well despite having a stage fright.

Amanda Holden confessed that this was the most mesmerizing,Sultry,sexy performance she has seen and also claimed to be in love with Alice because of her wonderful performance after which Holden got through to the next stage.

Arixandra Libantino Review,Recap and results (April 13th 2013)

Ariksandra Libantino was someone with serious talent at Britain's got talent show on 13/04/2013.Considering she was just 11 years old her singing was very powerful,probably that's the reason why Simon Cowell was speechless which got her into the next round.

Incognito Review,Recap and Results (April 13th 2013)

Incognito were the London Choir Gospel singers who made it through as well.Apart from them the others were not lucky enough to make it through the auditions at Britain's got talent on 13/04/2013.

A few of those who were rejected by the judges at the Britain's got talent first audition of season 7 were
  • Mother-Daughter duo two's country got buzzed by all the four judges.
  • Maria Calabrese and Alexei were also rejected by the Judges.
A beautiful performance by a Shadow dance group from Hungary left one of the judges (Alesha Dixon) in tears as she said the performance was fantastic and made her forget she was actually there.

Chair Dancer 'Kerri Graham' secured her place towards the end as well.

What did you think about the Results,review and recap of the auditions at Britain's got talent season 7 first episode that aired on 13/04/2013?


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