Britain's Got Talent 20/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Britain's Got Talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 - Episode 2 Auditions- Recap,Results and Review

The Episode 2 of the Britain's Got Talent (BGT) on 20/04/2013 started with a weird act where a man dressed as The Sting pushed another guy who was sitting in a wheelchair wearing a bald cap.Sounds Bizarre?Well it was!.

The following audition saw a dancer who had no clue of what she was doing and a standup comedian who had not done the comic act before.

As expected their acts didn't impress the judges one bit as they didn't get a single yes from them.Read on for the complete results,review and recap of the show that aired on 20/04/2013.

Results,Review and Recap

Britain's Got Talent (BGT) has seen many weird auditions in the past but among them we get to see some serious talent who end up being the chosen one.The Show on 20/04/2013 was no different as among all the weirdness were some truly inspirational auditions.

AJ and Chloe Recap and Review

The teenagers AJ and Chole who gave a performance  as the Ballroom dancers was one of the best auditions of the night.Their performance got a yes from Alesha as she described the act as "slick and sexy"

The other judges too looked visibly impressed by her audition as AJ and Chloe ended up getting four yeses on 20/04/2013 to move on to the next round.

Richard and Adam Recap and Review

Next up for auditions at the Britain's got talent (BGT) on 20/04/2013 were Richard and Adam who were brothers and singers.They performed to the song "The Impossible Dream" for their nan and whisked through to the next round.

Two Days Recap and Review

The next auditions involved a singing duo 'Two days' who were not that impressive.The duo also claimed that they thought the audience at Britain's got talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 would want to get up and join them while they were rapping but it only left the audience wanting to get up and leave the BGT building.

James Devine Recap and Review

Tap Dancer James Devine's audition was loved by Alesha and Amanda but Simon and David didn't look too impressed.The Tap Dancer's hopes were crushed at the Britain's got talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 as he managed only two yeses.

Pop'arazzi Recap and Review

Pop'arazzi who were a dance group ended up splitting the judge panel at the Britain's Got Talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 as Amanda and Alesha were not happy that the act failed to impress Simon and David.At one point of BGT Amanda threatened to pour water on Simon,who ended up soaking.Pop'arazzi didn't manage to get the three yeses but the judges did manage to reconcile after the ladies stormed out leaving Simon and David to judge the next performer Neil Hook.

CEO Dancers Recap and Review

CEO Dancers were a dance group whose performance was loved by all the Judges,They performed to the song Single Ladies.David also told the group "I would love to learn how to shake my booty like that"

Britain's got Talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 also saw a lot of auditions by young contestants.15 Year old singer Tariq Wooding and 5 year old dancer Jordon Nash who were very impressive.

Jordon 'O Keefe Recap and Review

Jordon O' Keefe was the next in the BGT (Britain's got talent) auditions 20/04/2013 as he sang the song little things by One Direction.Before the performance Jordon spoke about how he wanted to do something with his life and spoke about how his father changed his course from music to business during college.

He was here to prove them wrong.Simon Cowell loved the performance by saying he didn't like it but loved it.

Francine Lewis Recap and Review

Next at Britain's got talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 was Francine Lewis and her impressionist act was one of the best of the night.

She took on Stacey Solomon,Katie Price,Holly Willoughby and Cheryl Cole.Her auditions left the judges and the audience laughing as she eventually got through to the next round.

MC Boy Recap and Review

The final act of the night at Britain's got talent (BGT) 20/04/2013 was MC Boy as he rapped,Sung and danced.He also claimed that he had a dream before applying for BGT,In the dream he saw the Judges and Simon press the Buzzer twice.

His dream was almost true as he went through to the next round.Hope you enjoyed the review,Recap and results of Britain's got talent (BGT) 20/04/2013.

I will be back with the next episode review and recap after it airs next week which will also hopefully be just as entertaining.

What are your thoughts about the Results,Review and Recap of Britain's got talent (BGT) on 20/04/2013?


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