NBA: Celtics Vs Knicks 20/04/2013 Results

NBA Basketball: Boston Celtics Vs New York Knicks 20/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NBA Basketball match between the Boston Celtics and New York Knicks on 20/04/2013 was a hard fought game.The match saw Knicks winning at a score of 85-78 over the Celtics to take a 1-0 lead.Read on for the complete Results,Review and Statistical Highlights of what exactly went down when the two teams faced off.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights (20/04/2013)

The basketball match between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics 20/04/2013 was a pretty interesting one as it was fast paced and was quite entertaining.The match was one of the best Saturday entertainers and was better than any movie i could have watched.So lets get to the review and results.

Boston Celtics Review and Statistical Highlights (20/04/2013)

The first quarter of the match saw Boston Celtics as well as the New York Knicks on the defense.At one point during the match on 20/04/2013 the Celtics went scoreless for five minutes in a stretch between end of third quarter until a few minutes into the fourth.

With 5 minutes left in the fourth,Boston turned the ball over four times but managed to score only once as they missed a shot at the end of the shot clock which gave the Knicks a lead of 5 points.

Their highlights on 20/04/2013 was Jeff Green as he scored 26 points and 7 rebounds and also had six turnovers but had just six points after halftime.Paul Peirce added 21 on 6-of-15 shooting,Avery Bradley added 15 with Kevin Garnett providing 8 points and nine boards.Their efforts were not good enough for them to turn the results in their favor.

New York Knicks Review and Statistical Highlights (20/04/2013)

The highlights for the New York Knicks was Carmelo Anthony who scored a game high 36 points on 13-29 shooting.Although they were a bit defensive against the Boston Celtics during the first quarter,Anthony was able to score from his first four shots but things became difficult for him once the Celtics defense on 20/04/2013 settled down.

JR Smith also performed well with three quick buckets including a dunk down the lane.At a point during the match the New York defense needed to buck up but Anthony was continually attacking the rim and getting to the free throw line.

Martin's excellent defense turned the results in Knicks favor as he controlled the the post after he used his body to get in position for the rebounds to slow down Boston Celtics.He ended up with Five offensive rebounds in the game.

The Knicks held boston to just 17 points in the third quarter and 8 in the fourth.Anthony ended up with 36 points and added 7 rebounds,four steals as the results showed a well deserved Victory.

Final Score/Results (20/04/2013)

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