Connecticut (UConn) VS Louisville 09/04/2013 Results

NCAA Title: Connecticut (UConn) VS Louisville Cardinals 09/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NCAA basketball match between Connecticut (UConn) and Louisville on 09/04/2013 saw UConn reach a comfortable victory with the results in their favor at a score of 93-60.This win  resulted in them receiving their 8th NCAA Title.Read on for the complete results,Review and Statistical highlights.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights Louisville Cardinals Vs University of Connecticut 09/04/2013

Louisville Cardinals Review and Statistical Highlights

During their match against Connecticut (UConn) on 09/04/2013,Louisville Cardinals did quiet well during the start with an initial lead in their favor as the score showed 13-8.Things changed quite quickly as the lead narrow downed drastically as at one stage the Cardinals only managed one basket during a six minute stretch which hurt them bad in the end.Cardinals only shot 37.1 percent on the night.The only notable highlights for them was Shoni Schimmel who didn't have a great night as she scored just 9 points on 3-of-15 shooting.Sara Hammand was the only one who ended up scoring in double figures.Louisville Cardinals will be very disappointed with the results as they didn't perform well after the initial moments on 09/04/2013.

Connecticut (UConn) Review and Statistical Highlights

The best highlights from Connecticut (Uconn) in the NCAA title basketball against Louisville Cardinals on 09/04/2013 was Breanna Stewart.She did quite well as she scored 23 points to help the results in favor of her team.She scored 18 points within the first half itself.The other notable highlights for them were  Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis who added 18 points and Kelly Faris who added 16.

Stewart went on a seven point run all by herself and scored all the points over the floor.She was quickly joined by Mosqueda-Lewis and Bria Hartley  as the lead for Connecticut streched to 29-14 with 08:44 left in the first half.

This gave them enough confidence as they started dominating from every angle and at one stage Connecticut were at a lead of 23 points before they went into Halftime.The score at that time was 48-29.

At this stage the results looked very much in favor of the UConn as they had all the advantages at their side.Since the results were in favor of Connecticut (Uconn),this now gives them their 8th national championship. The final score of the NCAA Title basketball match on 09/04/2013 ended at 93-60 in their favor.

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