Mission Cordis Die in Black Ops 2

Mission Cordis Die in Black Ops 2 - Challenges,Objectives,Review and Analysis

Last week,I completed the level Odysseus in Black ops 2.This week i got a little closer towards completing this first person shooter by finishing the mission Cordis Die in Black Ops 2.Read on for the complete Mission Challenges,Objectives,Review and analysis below.

Mission Objective

The main objective of the revolved around protecting the president.There was no deviation so the mission was simple enough to complete.


  • Use 100% impact ratio through the SAM system at the wrecked highway.To complete the challenge Mason would require to wait for all the circles to turn solid before firing.
  • 10 headshots through the Sniper from the upper freeway.
  • Kill 8 enemies through the Direct Quad Drones.The locker of the drones is located in the truck trailer after passing the first enemy Claw.
  • Recue the trapped SSA who is in the damaged vehicle.
  • Eliminate 30 enemy drones with SAM while you are on the roof
  • Protect the G20 Cougar which will need to survive until the building's collapse at the end of the section
  • Eliminate 3 drones using one shot.
  • Protect all the G20 vehicles from being destoyed
  • Collect all intels.


A part of Cordis Die involved you flying an aircraft and shooting your way through  while protecting the president who will actually be in a car and riding through the wreckage.The controls where better than what i expected and flying was really fun.This is a part i was mission in the previous Black Ops game.


This was undoubtedly one of the best levels in Black ops 2,from what i have read and seen i have one more level to go named Judgement day,Before i wrap this game up.After doing an analysis of the level i would personally rate this as a 8/10 score.

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What do you think about the challenges,Objectives,Review and Analysis of the Mission Cordis Die in Black Ops 2?


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