Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 was supposed to be a Latin Night where all the contestants had to dance two rounds with a new twist to the competition,The couple who got the highest score on Monday Night's dance competition would get an auto immunity for Tuesday Night.Read on for the Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 Recap and Review

Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Kelli Pickler - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Kellie Pickler was very busy during the week because of her three concerts this week which meant Derek Hough had to travel around to country to rehearse with her.The performed to the Samba dance form which was loved by the crowd.

Carrie Ann said "When you dance,I See Perfection in every single move" and also claimed "I don't feel you when you dance" to which crowd booed.Len said her performance was crisp,clean,hot and spicy.

They ended at a very good score of 29 (9,10,10) and since they have the highest cumulative scores so far this season they won immunity which means they are off to the next round.

Aly Raisman - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap and Review

As Mark Ballas was suffering from bad back there was a possibility of this performance being a mediocre one.They both ended up dancing to the Salsa.Although they were not airborne for most of their moves Bruno said it was a "Tutti-Frutti delicious cocktail" whereas carrie Ann said she "Loved it"

They ended at a score of 32 (10,9,10 =29+3)

Zendaya - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap

Zendaya who has been a consistent performer in the past performed to a few staccato moves which was loved by audience and the judges.Len loved it but told her to chin up and said "You are a magnificent dancer.She ended up being awarded with 30 points (9,9,9 = 27 + 3 = 30)

Jacoby Jones - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap

The next performers were Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff who had a tough week as he lost a day due to sore body.Their dance however was very good to watch as they performed Salsa.The audience loved it with Len saying "Was that an Earthquake? or did you just rock this place?"

They achieved a score of 27 Points (9,9,9)

Ingo Rademacher - Dancing with the Stars -29/04/2013 - Recap

Ingo along with his dance partner Kym Johnson performed to the Rumba dance form.His performance didn't impress the judges much which resulted in Bruno saying "They say Hips dont lie,in your case i wish they could"

They ended with a score of 7,8,7 = 22+3 =25

Sean Lowe - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap

Sean lowe was in the bottom two last week and tried his hardest this week as well as he and his partner Peta Murgatroyd performed Rumba.Judges didn't look too impress with Len saying his performance was Wooden and his hands were flapping away

He achieved a score of 8,8,8 = 24 for his efforts.

Andy Dick - Dancing with the Stars 29/04/2013 - Recap

The comedian planned to dance a rumba and also told his partner "Dont Get mad at me if you fall in love with me"  this part of the show added a few comic elements but was not that impressive as far as the moves were concerned.Carrie Ann ended up criticizing his arms during the performance.

The achieved a score of 5,6,6 = 17 for their efforts.Lets now take a look at  Round 2 Recap and Review

Round 2 Recap

The Round 2 of Dancing with the Stars on Monday night saw Andy and Sharna performing a cha cha for their dance against Aly and Mark.Len was impressed with Andy whereas Bruno liked Aly better.The judges ended up giving Aly 3 Points

Zendaya and Val did the Jive dance form while Jacoby and Karina threw in only three of their best moves.The performance of both the teams was splendid but the judges ended up giving 3 More points.

Sean and Peta were up against Ingo and Kym at Dancing with the Stars Last night as they battled for the best Rumba.Both the couples were praised but Ingo ended up taking away 2 points.Thats the end of the DTWS recap!

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