Dancing with the stars (DTWS) 16/04/2013 - Results/Recap

Dancing with the stars (DTWS) 16/04/2013 - Results (Elimination),Recap and Review

The Dancing with the Stars (DTWS) episode on 16/04/2013 was an elimination episode which was about to include a couple sent back home after weeks of training and trying to master the dance skills.Looking at the performances of Monday night,Zendaya was on top of the list as she received praises from all the judges and ended up at a score of 29 which was very impressive.D.L Hughley and Andy Dick's performance ended in a tie at the lowest scores of the night as they both tied at a score of 18 out of 30 points.Read on for the complete Review,Recap and Results of the elimination show DTWS on 16/04/2013.

Results,Review and Recap Dancing with the stars (dtws) 16/04/2013

The way Zendaya performed in the dance competition on Monday night was splendid and it looked impossible for her to even be in the bottom three.It definitely looked like either DL Hughley or Andy Dick were about to make their way back as the judges didn't seem too impressed and i think that in itself is enough to influence the audience as well.Lets take a look at who got eliminated in this elimination episode.

Recap/Review: First Safe Couple (Kellie and Derek)

Kellie and Derek were the first safe couple during the Dancing with the stars (DTWS) on 16/04/2013.This put Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson in jeopardy.Ingo and Kym were not too impressive on Monday night as the judges claimed his dance to be rigid and advised him to pay attention to his dance.

Recap/Review: Next three safe Couples

The next 3 safe couples at Dancing with the stars (DWTS) were
  • Zendaya and Val
  • Jacoby and Karina
  • Aly and Mark
 So this now left  Victory and Lindsay in Jeopardy as well.

Recap/Review: Next two Safe Couples

Sena and Peta,Andy and Sharna were the next two safe couples at Dancing with the Stars (DTWS) on 16/04/2013.DL Hugley and Cheryl were in Jeopardy.Ingo and Kym ended up being safe which meant that DL Hughley and Cheryl,Victor and Lindsay were at the bottom two.

DL Hughley and Cheryl ended up being eliminated.

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