Dark Skies Movie Review

Dark Skies Movie Review and analysis

Since i am a horror movies fan i was looking forward to watching Dark Skies,I found the plot of the film intriguing even though there have been a lot of films that have come with a similar story.The Dark Skies revolved around a family whose peaceful life has been turned upside down because of a deadly supernatural force behind them.Read on for the complete review and analysis below.


Before writing the Dark Skies Movie Review and Analysis i first found out what others had to say about the film,interestingly the film has got a rating of 6.3 in IMDB website which is not too shabby but i think was a bit high for it.
Dark Skies

The plot as i said earlier was a little similar to the other movies in the horror genre where a family is struggling to make ends meet and its because of the lack of money that the family falls into a bit more of a chaos.

Kerri Russell who played the role of Lucy did a good job.Josh Hamilton who played the Role of Josh (Her Husband) was seen Job hunting for most part.The couple have two kids.

There were a lot of references of other films such as Paranormal activity which were included which i thought was because of the lack of originality within the film.Apart from Paranormal Activity the film seemed to be taking a leaf out of Hitchcock's The Birds as well.

I personally felt the movie had a lot of potential which was wasted and could have done a lot better if it was worked on a bit more rather than most part of it feeling a repeat of the other superhit Horror Genre's movie.

I would like to end my review by saying that if you are a Horror fan,it is watchable but don't blame me if you don't like it.

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