Disconnect 12/04/2013 Movie Review

Disconnect 12/04/2013 Movie Review

The Film Disconnect that released on 12/04/2013 was another one of those thriller movies.In the recent past there have been a lot of thrillers/horror genre films that have been released and Disconnect was no exception.Read on the Disconnect 12/04/2013 Movie Review.


Before i write my review about the film let me tell you that it has got a rating of 6.7 out of 10 in IMBD but its still early days as so far only 432 votes have been input,before watching this film i saw the trailer which was interesting and something i was looking to see.Another reason for me watching the film was Alexander Skarsgard (Eric From True Blood), i like his acting in true blood so was hoping for something similar in this film as well.

Plot Review

The Plot of the film revolves around a hard working lawyer who finds it difficult to communicate with his family.A couple who are in a dangerous situation after their secrets are leaked online.A mischievous son who cyber bullies a class mate and an ambitious journalist who tries to make a breaking story through a teen that performs at an adult only site.

These are three stories that collide as one as the characters in Disconnect are strangers,Neighbors and colleagues.Sounds very interesting doesn't it?

Story Review

After watching the entire story of Disconnect on 12/04/2013 i can definitely say that this is one of the best thrillers i have seen lately,from all the other movies i have seen this one definitely takes the cake.The Story kept me to the edge of my seat throughout.It also delivered a very important message about how internet can be harmful if not used with caution.

Characters Review

Every actor and actress did their job very well which makes this thriller stand up above the rest.The director has also done a fine job getting the work out of the actors and actresses of the thriller.It feels nice when everything falls in place in such a film as these are the kind of movies that deliver a powerful message to both teens as well as adults.

My Final Thoughts

If you haven't seen the movie i would highly recommend you to watch Disconnect not just because its just a movie that will run for a couple of hours but because you might be able to relate to it at certain points.This will also help the teens/kids learn about the importance of being kind to their friends.I would rate this movie a 9 out of 10.

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