Doctor Who 27/04/2013 Recap and Review

Doctor Who 27/04/2013 Recap and Review

Doctor Who 27/04/2013 started with Clara trapped in Tardis with the doc having only 30 minutes to save her life.Will the Doc be able to save her life on 27/04/2013? Read on for the Doctor Who 27/04/2013 Recap and Review to find out.

Doctor Who 27/04/2013 Recap and Review

Doctor Who 27/04/2013 starts off with the Doc teaching Clara how to fly the tardis and as he takes down the shield to make it easier,a salvage ship sees them.When the Shields were dropped the salvage team captured the tardis which caused damage.Clara then asked the Doc if there was a button he could press to fix the problem.

The next scene on 27/04/2013 saw a small object rolling into the control room.Clara picked it up but it burnt her hand which made her drop the object.

The brothers who were in the salvage ship at Doctor Who 27/04/2013 tried to break into the Tardis but as expected didn't get through the doors.The Doc then woke up at the Cargo area as he fell out of the Tardis when it crashed.Clara at this moment was still trapped inside.

The next scene at Doctor who 27/04/2013 showed the doc letting the brothers enter the Tardis and locking four of them inside after which he set the self destruct and warned the brothers that the ship will blow up until they help him find his missing companion.

In the next scene of Doctor who 27/04/2013 Clara woke up at a hallway filled with debris.She opened one door but there was nothing apart from fire inside.She ran back towards another corridor and wandered into the doc's junk room and found trinklets from past adventures.

Next scene showed a Severly Burned time zombie chasing her.She finally ended up hiding in the library.

At the library in Doctor Who 27/04/2013 Clara found a large tome in the pedestal "The History of Time War." Clara flips to find a random page which reads "So that's who".

A noise of the time zombie then follows from behind as she ducks to hide herself.Through a bit of a struggle she finally finds her way to the control room.

The next scene at Doctor Who 27/04/2013 shows the brothers and doc split up with one dismantling the control Room,During which he hears voices of past doctors and companions.He tries to find where the voice was coming from which actually ends up being a Zombie that kills him

The other brother tries to steal one of the Tardis' valuable circuits causing the ship to fight back.The doc and the brother then go back to the control room in search of Clara who isn't there anymore.

He then quickly realised that she was not in synch with them time wise and pulls her through and deactivates the timer which was actually never self destruct but the engines really end up exploding.

The Doc,Clara and the two brothers then travel towards the engine room to see if they could repair the ship.As they move towards the center it becomes clear that all of them are affected by time as Clara was also still nursing her burnt hand which actually had a message within it.

They then run into time Zombies again and duck into the eye of Harmony room for safety.What they don't realize is that the Eye of Harmony is actually a star trapped in Tardis that will kill them if they don't leave soon.

The Zombies start pounding at the door as the brother's gadget reveals the Zombie is actually a future version of Clara.

The Doctor then told Clara that he was sorry he could not keep her from dying again.Clara wanted to know more but there was no time.After a bit of a struggle against the time Zombie the doctor said that if they could avoid touching each other they could change the future,which actually does not happen as they become double zombie.

After escaping the engine room Doctor and Clara end up at a giant cliff.He then asked Clara who she was to which she replied she didn't know.

He then took Clara's hand and read what was written and reads it as "Big Friendly Button"

The Doctor then finds a moment they crashed and gets ready to throw the button (Object that burned Clara.

Clara didn't want the time to be reset as she now knew the Doctor's name.He then tells it's better to have secrets and resets everything which ends up with Clara and three brothers safe again.That's it for the recap and Review of Doctor Who in 27/04/2013.Hope you enjoyed it.

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