Strong Earthquake on Saturday Morning (20/04/2013) rattles Sichuan,China

Powerful earthquake on 20/04/2013 Rattles Sichuan,china 

A powerful quake struck at China's southwestern Sichuan province on Saturday (20/04/2013) morning.The earthquake was measured as 7.0 on the ritcher scale.The authorities have also shown fears that the number of casualties could rise could rise as time goes by.

The toll is said to be 30 people who have been reported to be killed and 400 others who were injured as per the news.

This brought back memories of a similar calamity that struck a part of the province in China not so far away five years ago.The earthquake on 20/04/2013 (Saturday morning) struck at about 08.02 local time with an epicenter of 13 km depth as per Xinhua.The US Geological Survey recorded the magnitude as 6.6 on the ritcher scale.

The impact was powerful enough to swing the buildings in Chendgu which is more than 140 km away.At least four aftershocks were felt with the largest being the 5.1 mangnitude.

The impact at Sichuan on Saturday Morning was such that people ran through the streets wrapped in blankets and there were a few pictures of buildings that collapsed that were posted online.

Quakes are scary especially the one as powerful as this.Hopefully people in Sichuan province in china will be able to get over the shock and get back to their normal life's soon and there will be no repeat of Saturday's (20/04/2013) earthquake.


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