Evil Dead 2013 Movie Review

Evil Dead 2013 Movie Review

If you are a fan of watching horror films,you must have definitely seen the movie Evil Dead that released in 1981.We are 32 years away from the initial film that was released and loved by almost all the horror film fans because of its brilliant scares and comic moments,the legacy of the film still remains.Probably the film has released once again for those who saw this film earlier to relive and those who were not born when the film was released to get a feel of what they have missed out.Read on for the complete Evil Dead 2013 Movie Review.

Review Of Evil Dead 2013

I have said this numerous number of times in my blog that i am absolutely crazy behind watching horror films.Evil dead is one of the best i have ever seen,that made my anticipation of watching this film increase to a great extent.
Evil Dead 2013

It is a well known fact that remakes not always work but i had a feeling with the technology we have in this day and age Evil Dead 2013 might just live up to its expectations.The plot is the same as the earlier one where five college kids are stuck in a cabin which has within them a lot of ugly looking demons.

To be honest when i saw the 2013 version of Evil Dead it failed to scare in comparison to the  one that released earlier.As expected the 2013 version includes a lot of gore but at one point gets to an extent where it gets downright boring.

Even though the Gore has a modern touch to it,it failed to impress me,the promo suggested that this will be a scariest movie ever but it looked far from it.I think the cast tried hard though but then again i would rather prefer watching the orignal 1981 version once again than this one,just for one reason 'Bruce Campbell'.

Its not exactly a fault of the movie makers,cast or the story.Its just that when people see a lack of originality within a movie,they end up feeling dejected and wasting their time.Its just for these reasons why people much like 'Drag Me to Hell' better,because even though it had a plain and a simple storyline with not many scares,the film looked original.

Before writing this review i saw what the reaction of others were towards the 2013 release of  this horror classic and most of the other reviews i read agreed with what i thought  'Original is way better'.

I would rate this movie a 5/10.The review and rating of the movie are not official just my point of view.

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