Far Cry 3: Make a Break For it

Far Cry 3: Make a Break For it Objectives and Review

I just completed Call of Duty Black Ops 2 last week,so this week i have started playing Far Cry 3 which looks like a pretty impressive game.The game seems to be running well on my graphics card AMD HD 6670 without a stutter.lets talk about the objectives and Review of the first mission from Far Cry 3 called as Make a Break for it.

Objectives and Review

The story of the game starts with Jason and his friends arriving at the Rook Island.After a short scene that shows them enjoying their trip,Jason finds himself in a cage held hostage and your role starts from the moment you get out of the cage.
The objectives of the mission Make a Break for it in Far Cry 3 are pretty simple.You basically just need to follow Grant and avoid getting caught.You need to be good with Stealth to complete this segment of the game.What impressed me the most out of the game was that until now the storyline looks very good.below are the full list of objectives you need to complete to finish the level.
  • Follow Grant without getting caught
  • Grab a map from the table on the way.
  • Throw a rock to divert the guards away from a window
  • Throw another rock to distract the guards away from the exit
  • Run through the Jungle
  • Cross the River
You can check out a few pictures and a video from the mission below

Vaas Montenegro asks Jason to Run through the jungle

Jason and his friends
Vaas Montenegro

Far Cry 3: Make a Break For it Video

Hope you enjoyed the Review and Objectives of Far Cry 3: Make a Break For it i will be back next week with another mission.


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