Finding Nemo Sequel 'Finding Dory' announced

Finding Nemo Sequel 'Finding Dory' release date sometime during 2015

Preview,Characters and a snippet of the Finding Dory Story

Finding Nemo
Nemo lovers will be excited to know that the sequel to the super hit 2003 computer-animated, comedy-drama,adventure family film directed by Andrew Stanton has been announced.If the Finding Nemo Sequel 'Finding Dory' is even close to how the first movie was,the kids and those who love this animated movie are in for a treat.The film is set to float its way during thanksgiving weekend on November 25,2015.


The voice of the characters Marlin and Dory will be dubbed by Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGenres who were the part of the first movie as well.

As you might know it Dory and Ellen are two inseparable characters in the movie and we can expect them to have major roles in Finding Dory as well.


The film is expected to take place a year post events where Nemo disappeared and was found with great difficulty.This time the story will revolve around Dory who helped Nemo find the way back home.The other characters from the previous film are also expected to make a return.

The earlier movie has won a lot of awards and achievements and was one of the favorite movies for kids to watch.Apart from the kids there were a lot of middle age and adults who also appreciated the movie.There is a mind block among many people that if a movie is an animated one it must be for kids,thankfully this movie changed the trend among many i know.

The film also officially won 2003 academy award for the best animated movie.There were many merchandises as well as a video game which was released based on the movie which did quite well to an extent.

The good news for the fans of animated movies is that it just does not end with the release date of this movie.The other movies lined up for release are

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  • Monsters University - June 21
  • Planes - August 9
  • Frozen - November 27
  • The Good Dinosaur - May 30.2014
  • Phineas and Ferb Movie - 2014
  • Inside Out - June 19,2015
What are your expectations from the characters and story of the Finding Nemo Sequel Named 'Finding Dory' which has a release date set to somewhere around November 25 2015?


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