Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review (S3E5 - Kissed By Fire)

Game Of Thrones 28/04/2013 which was the S3E5 'Kissed by Fire' included the fallback from last week.The episode was fast paced and as usual continued its legacy of being one of the best Sunday Night entertainers.Read on for the full Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 Recap and Review.

Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Brotherhood Without Banners Hideout - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The first scene of game of thrones 28/04/2013 started with last week's trial by combat cliffhanger with Beric Vs The Hound.After Beric rubs some blood on his sword it catches fire after which the actual duel takes place.

The fight at Game of Thrones was intense and brutal with Beric swinging his sword which is on fire which makes the hound retreat.Arya screams on top of her lungs and says "Kill Him!" but then the hound delivers a killer blow as he wins back his freedom.This makes Arya angry as she tries to grab a tiny knife and tries to kill the hound herself as she shouts "Burn In Hell"

Wilding Camp - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

In the next scene of Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 Tomund Giantsbane is seen pestering Jon Snow about the defense of the wall.There are about 19 Strongholds who are defending the wall,only three of which are guarded.Snow after a lot of resistance gives up the information and telling that the Castle Black has around 1000 Men.Jon is warned that if the information turns out to be untrue he is a dead man.

Ygritte somehow manages to lay hands on Jon's huge sword out of his scabbard by some form of a magic after which she runs into a cave which is well lit and has a hot spring.

She then ends up stripping and tells Jon to break some Vows he made earlier.This puts Jon in a delicate situation as it is certain that she will know he is still a crow if he turns her down.

Ygritte then gets intimate after which she delivers a catchphrase "You Know nothing Jon Snow"

She then speaks about her Ex Lovers which ends up irritating Jon.Ygritte then notes that she has been deemed "Kissed by Fire"

She then Jumps into a steamy pool and accompanies him and says she never wants to leave this cave.

Harrenhal - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

During the next segment of GOT 28/04/2013 Jaime and Brienne are brought to the home of one of Robb's bannermen,Roose bolton.Jaime is taken to Qyburn for performing medical experiments.An argument then pursues on how they can heal  Jaime's wound,he insists on being treated by Quburn.

King's Landing - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The next scene on 28/04/2013 shows a debate between the queen and Tyrion in regards to the payment for the Royal Wedding.The queen agrees to pay for the half of the ceremony which shocks him.She also ends up criticizing him for failing to live up to his drunken debauched reputation.

Riverrun  - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

One of the disturbing scenes of Game of Thrones shows a commotion outside wake up the captive Lannister kids.It turns out to be Robb's bannerman Karstark and some of his men causing a havoc.

Robb is later shown to be furious as he rocks that leather jacket.He is then told by Karstark (Father of the son who was killed by Jaime Lannister) that he is just going to scold him and let him go.

This prompts Robb to order Karstark locked away and his henchman hanged.His Wife's mom and her brother Edmure persuade him to hold  Karstark as a hostage or he'll lose support of his men.

Despite of all the persuasion Robb ignores their request after which Karstark calls him a wimp.The next scene shows Robb taking Karstark out to the garden and chopping off his head and also says "I'm going to take their home away from them"

Brotherhood Hidehout - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The next scene on game of thrones shows Gendry making a decision to go away with the Brotherhood which annoys Arya.She then chats with Beric and Thoros which reveals that the Brotherhood is going to take Arya to Riverrun and reunite her with Robb for a fee.

Beric also claims that he has died six times after which he has been resurrected back.

Dragonstone - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Sullen Stannis visits his wife and says "I've Sinned,I've Wronged You,I've shamed you which didn't seem to have any affect on her as she looked to have fallen under Melisandre's spell.After the scene Stannis goes down the hall to visit his daughter who looks at him as though she hasn't seen him for a long time.

The Daughter wanted to know more about Davos to which Stannis replies that he was a traitor and is rotting away in the dungeon.

Back to Harrenhall - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Jaime starts to insult Brienne as usual but when Jaime points out at an insult where he speaks about her failing to protect Renly,Brienne gets furious which ends up with Jaime Apologizing as he says "I Trust You" and "I'm Sick of Fighting"

Jaime then speaks about a story of why he killed the mad King Aerys as he ignored Jaime's advice to surrender and instead took Pycelle's help to help Twyin in the gates which would have eventually ended up destroying King's landing and everyone in it.

Near Slaver's bay - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

Another scene at Game of Thrones showcases Barristan and Jorah speaking about war stories and bickering about the future.An Unsullied sans helment is finally shown by the name of Grey Worm.Dany wanted to use derogatory names to empower them.

Back to Kings Landing - Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 - Recap and Review

At the King's landing Sansa watches Loras fight and gets a little concerned.Loras wanted to know how he knew about his orientation.He was actually tipped about this by his secret boss Littlefinger.

The next scene shows a meeting with Sansa and Littlefinger where they end up lying to each other.

The final scene of Game of Thrones 28/04/2013 showed Tyrion joining his father and sister for a meeting which leaves Tywin unimpressed with his successful haggling over the marriage.

Cersei is partly pleased because she finally discovers Tyrell's plot to marry Sansa to Loras.

Tywin finds out that they can kill the Tyrell's plan without it looking intentional.The solution was to have Sansa Marry Tyrion.

Cersei is thrilled to see Tyrion in horror but her thrill soon fades away when Tywin reveals the other half of his plan which is for Cersei to Marry Loras.Since she is in love with Jaime she hated being forced to wed robert.

This obviously makes Cersei protest against the wedding which was against her will.This ignites Tywin who loses his temper and claims that the wedding will put an end to the disgusting rumors about her.That's it for the recap of Game of Thrones 28/04/2013.

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