Game of Thrones 21/04/2013 (S3E4) Recap and Review

Game of Thrones 21/04/2013 (S3E4) Recap and Review

The S3E4 of Game of Thrones that aired on 21/04/2013 which was called  'And now his watch is ended' had some intense moments and concluded on a very impressive note with a scene from the show's history where Daenery Targaryen unleashed her inner and outer dragon to acquire the army she had sought.Read on for the complete Recap and Review from the S3E4 show that aired on 21/04/2013.

Game of Thrones S3E04 21/04/2013 - Recap and Review

The Climax of the show as really good this week.The Game of thrones  included  Night Watch Rebellion at Crasters,Theon's change of Fortune,Jaime on death's door,Margaery's proposal to Sansa,Hound on Trail among many other moments that transpired on 21/04/2013.Please note that my recap below might include spoilers.With that being said lets dive a bit deeper into the recap and review of S3E04.

Road Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4 (21/04/2013)

The S3E4 started with the focus on Jaime's hand.Locke and his men had hung it around Jaime's neck.Jaime begged for water but was given horse urine He managed to get a sword but was too weak to fight on 21/04/2013 as he was easily tackled to the mud.Locke warned him towards the end of this scene in game of thrones saying that if he does it again he will take his other hand.

Woods Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4 (21/04/2013)

In another scene from Game of Thrones S3E4 on 21/04/2013,Bran was having a dream about the Three eyed crow in which Jojen told him to go after the crow.He then climbs the tree to reach it and suddenly Catelyn appears and yells at him until he falls.

King's Landing Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4 (21/04/2013)

Varys was back during this segment of the S3E4 on 21/04/2013.He was missing for most part of the game of thrones this season.In this scene he had a special delivery.The story goes on where revelations are made of how a man drugged,Mutilated a few of his body parts in a dark magic ceremony.

Tyrion was also a part of this scene in game of thrones as he wanted a proof  that Cersei wanted to have him killed.

Craster's Keep Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4  (21/04/2013)

In Craster's place Samwell was trying to talk to Gilly as he wanted to know what her boy's name was.Meanwhile the Night's watch at S3E4 were grousing about working at Craster's farm which to a point was acceptable considering how evil Craster actually is in Game of Thrones.

King's Landing Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4 (21/04/2013)

At the Kings Landing in Game of thrones S3E4 on 21/04/2013 Ros told Tyrion's young squire that he was the most extraordinary man they have ever had.In the meantime Varys informed Ros that Littlefinger  had two feather-beds in this cabin for journey to the Eyrie.

Sept Of Baelor Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4

Joffrey was remembering about the horrifying history of King's landing as he and Margaery were inside the Spet of Baelor which is the center of King's landing and a place where their wedding will take place.A scene from S3E04 of Game of Thrones showed Lady Olenna trying to bond with Cersei as the Queen Regent looks at her trying to see what it was all about.

Margaery managed to convince Joffrey at Game of Thrones to go outside and greet the crowd.They finally step outisde in the sun as Cersei recoils from the scene just as a vampire.

Woods/Tunnels Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4 (21/04/2013)

The boy was leading Theon to his sister through a series of tunnels.The boy then suggested that Theon's father knew he was being tortured.

Theon kept saying "i could never be Stark" on 21/04/2013 as if he was trying to convince himself.After this Theon said "I Paid the Iron price for the winterfell..." and went on to confess that he murdered these boys,poor orphans living with the farmer.He further said at S3E4 that he made a choice and his choice was wrong.

Theon was then brought back to the dungeon where he espaced from.The men put him back on the cross at last nights episode of Game of Thrones.

Camp Review and Recap - Game of Thrones S3E4

At the camp in game of thrones Jaime was dying but refused to eat,Brienne tried to motivate him by saying "One misfortune and you've given up.",Jaime then explained that he lost his sword hand as Brinne told him he sounds like a bloody woman.He eventually does end up eating.

Brienne also noticed that her family's "Sapphire isle" wasn't really wealthy,so Jaime's whole story to rescue her looked like a lie.She asked him the reason behind why Jaime helped him to which he didn't respond at S3E4 on 21/04/2013.

Back to Kings Landing at Game of Thrones S3E04 that aired on 21/04/2013  Review and Recap

It was now Cersei's turn to wait while her father Tywin wrote mysterious messages.She wanted to know if Tyrions efforts on 21/04/2013 were good enough to get Jaime back.Cersei also said to her father "Your Legacy that you love so much more than your actual Children".

The next scene of S3E4 of Game of Thrones showed Tywin asking his daughter to prove herself.Cersei then went off with her transperent insecurity about Margaery manipulating Joffrey and blew her shot to impress him.

She also said that Tywin should try to stop Joffrey from being out of control to which Tywin responded  "I Will"

Outside Review and Recap (21/04/2013)

In the next scene of Game of Thrones S3E4 Lady Olenna spoke to Varys as she asked him if he was there to seduce her.Varys wanted to hurt littlefinger by assisting Sansa Stark

Craster's Review and Recap

On S3E04 that aired on 21/04/2013 a scene showed Night's watch burn the corpse of one of their own,Bannon.They blamed Craster for the reason as he didn't give Bannon enough food.The argument gets heated up when one of the Night's watchmen calls Craster a bastard.

Sam wisely grabs Gilly with her baby as one of his Lord of the flies brother yells "Run Fast,Piggy!".

Brotherhood without banners hideout Review and Recap

The Game of Thrones on 21/04/2013 also included a scene where Arya was taken to the bat cave hangout as he was mocked by the hound.Beric Dondarrion is then introduced.He is the lightning lord and was trying to hunt down the Hounds brother

The Hound took a step away from the fire when his hood was removed.He confessed they got the wrong Brother.Arya spoke up and accused the hound of murdering the butcher's boy during Season 1.Beric decides that the hound will get trial by Combat next week.

Astapor Review and Recap (21/04/2013)

The next scene at Game of Thrones S3E4 showcased Dany in Astapor.The gates open as Dany Strides into a massive square.Around 8000 Unsullied and a few slave masters including Kraznys were waiting but he hadn't asked her about the care and feeding of a dragon.He adviss her to send back the captured enemies to be converted into the new Unsullied.

Dany then opened the basket and revealed a drogon on a long chain.Krazny snatched it from her and gave her a golden whip which gave her a command of the unsullied

She then walked down the steps as Ser Jorah watched her worried.Kraznys was struggling with the dragon kite.Dany then gazed out at the soldiers and addressed the Unsuilled in Valyrian.

As soon at Dany spoke her first word at Game of Thrones 21/04/2013 there was a cut over to her translator.She had soldiers take a few practice steps as they tested her remote control.

Kraznys on the other hand didn't have any luck with drogon as he refused to come down.Dany also said "Dragon is not a slave"

Dany then ordered the unsullied to kill the slave-masters and set the slaves free without harming any children.Ser Jorah at this point at Game of Thrones 21/04/2013 reached for his sword which scared the translator.

The Unsullied guards didn't seem to understand Valyrian or thought everything was normal.Kraznys then ordered his guards to kill Dany.Barristion goes for his sword as all hell breaks loose.

A little ahead at S3E04 of Game of Thrones on 21/04/2013 Ser Jorah stared Dany  like never before.She ignored him and got on a white horse to address her army.She wanted Skilled army as well as free men instead of slaves.

She also asked the Unsullied to Join her as free men to which they agreed.

Hope you enjoyed the Review and Recap of Game of Thrones 21/04/2013 (S3E4).


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