Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Review

Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 episode 2 was a perfect Sunday Night entertainer.Everything that happened within this episode was fun to watch and HBO is truly living up to its expectations this season as well.Read on for the Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 Episode 2 Review.Please watch the episode before reading as the following may contain spoilers.

Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Review

There are tons of reasons why i loved Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 that aired on 07/04/2013.One of them was Vanessa Taylor,She is undoubtedly one of the best writers of this Epic Fantasy television series.

Season 3 episode 2 Of game of thrones 07/04/2013 started with a dream which showed Bran a foot taller and completely healed,In his dream a Strange boy told him no matter how many arrows he fires at the bird within the dream he would no be able to kill it,Because the bird was Bran himself.Spooky!
Game of Thrones

On the North road there are Osha,Hodor,Richkon and Bran as they hope to get to the wall where they will be safe.To everyone's shock the strange boy (Bran Saw in his dream ) and his sister showed up in the camp one day and creeped everyone out.They reveal themselves as Jojen and Meera Reed.Their father is Howland Reed,who is loyal to the House Stark and also saved Ned Stark's life during a battle earlier.It was further revealed that they had come to collect the Stark boys to keep them safe and to teach Bran telepathic powers in less than a minute.

Towards the North of wall during the game of thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 Episode 2 Jon Snow encountered Rayder's men who scout the area by looking threw the eyes of a hawk.The episode also revealed Snow knowing that lots of his brothers from the night watch were dead.Sam is one of fthe crows that is left alive.

In the other part of the review of Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 Episode 2 i would like to cover about what happened at Harrenhall.Although not much was happening in this part of the show the revelations showed the other stark boy's grandfather,Catlyn's father had died.They also came to know that Bran and Rickon were missing.

While Catlyn and Robb's new wife were travelling on the road to Riverrun for her fathers funeral,Catlyn told Robb's wife a story that she thinks is the reason behind their current situation.Catlyn hated the motherless child (Jon Snow) so much that she wished he was dead.When Snow suffered from Pox she regretted not being able to curse him or wish him bad luck as she ended up praying for his survival and promised god that she will love him if he survived.She got back to her old hating ways towards Snow and also claimed that breaking her promise to the gods was probably the reason for their current situation

King's Landing saw a lot of politics with Sansa.Margaery Tyrell and her grandmother called the stark girl for lunch.Another scene showed Sansa determined to help the new queen to be by influencing her against Joffrey.

While travelling together Brienne and Jaime,Jaime keeps asking her if she had a crush on renly.This scene showed that this might end up being true as Brienne looked visibly embarrassed by the question.

The best part of the Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 Season 3 episode 2 was the sword fight between Jamie and Brienne on the bridge.Brienne eventually won the fight but a peasant she spared earlier seemed to turn them in.

Towards the end of the show Arya continued her string of experiences before a group of warriors who called themselves brotherhood without banners captured Gendry.The group was led by Thoros of Myr,who is also referred to as red priest.

On the way out,Brotherhood's new prisioner recognizes Arya,who turned out to be Sandor Clegane,the hound.Through this review i have covered most but not all parts of the show.The season 3 Episode 2 of Game of Thrones 07/04/2013 was great,so try not to miss it.

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