Game of Thrones S3E3 14/04/2013 Review

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 14/04/2013 - The Walk of Punishment Recap and Review

The Game of Thrones Season 3 episode 3 'The Walk of Punishment' that aired on 14/04/2013 was something i was looking forward to on Sunday night.After i enjoyed watching the first two Game of Thrones episodes i felt the 3rd one that aired last night has really moved the story forward and the show is once again making me sit at the edge of my seat.Read on for the complete recap and Review of the Season 3,Episode 3 of the American Epic Fantasy television series.

Review and Recap - Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment

Before i get into the complete Review and Recap of the Season 3 Episode 3 (Walk of Punishment) of Game of thrones that aired last night (14/04/2013) let me remind you that the review and recap might contain a few spoilers (Not many).So let the game begin!

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Riverrun Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

At the Reiverrun during Game of Thrones 14/04/2013 Catelyn's brother Edmure was trying to fire an arrow into a funeral pyre which was floating around the river,Robb while seeing all this didn't help but instead gave Catelyn a Smirk.

Catelyn glared at him but since this was her father in that canoe couldn't do anything about it.Her uncle Brynden however stepped up and fired an expert shot.

Another scene of the walk of punishment in Game of Thrones showed Robb Rip Edmure for spoiling his war plans.Robb in this scene actually refers to the Lannister leader he was trying to trap as a 'mad dog' he's houd.He was actually talking about the evil Knight and not his brother.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - King's Landing Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

King's Landing in Game Thrones on 14/04/2013 was something out of the ordinary as this scene during the walk of punishment Episode showcased all the six major characters within the segment.

The scene started with all the chairs apart from Tywin lined up along the left side of the table.Littlefinger and Pycelle paused as they were terrified of Tywin.Littlefinger leaped in front of Varys to get the chair towards the master's left.Vary's took the next one and since Pycelle was a fragile old man he was focused on getting towards the third.

Cersei instead of sitting far away from her father decided to pick up a chair and placed it next to her father.The last chair was far away from Tywin on the left.On seeing this Tyrion tilted back the empty chair and dragged it across the floor.This segment where the Six characters played the game of thrones at 'The Walk of Punishment' episode was fun to watch.

Moving forward at the Game of Thrones episode on 14/04/2013 Littlefinger was going to try to woo Cately's sister Lysa with their wedding,Tywin on the other hand hoped to give support to Robb Stark on another front.Towards the end of the scene Tywin gave Tyrion Littlefinger's an accounting job which went by the title Master of Coin.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Road Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

The Road at Game of Thrones 14/04/2013 showcased how the men from House Boulton were cheering and singing songs after they captured Jaime and Brienne last week.The walk of punishment episode this week however showcased Jaime and Brienne bounded on the back of a horse.Jaime looked visibly upset after getting beaten up by Brienne.

Jaime looked more upset about getting beaten up then being captured.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Tavern Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

At the Tavern at Game of thrones 14/04/2013 Arya was reassured by Thoros that she was a guest and not a prisoner.Arya expected everyone to treat her equal despite her size and also wanted to know if the hound remembered the last time he was there.A scene showed Hot Pie landing on a new baking job and made Arya some bread and was going to stay there.Arya and Gendry share a final goodbye.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - The Fist Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

A place where John's men were killed and possessed by the white walkers was located by Mance and Wildings at Game of Thrones 14/04/2013.This scene from the Walk of Punishment also showed Mance give an important order for Giantsbane to take a small team including Jon Snow and climb over the wall.It will be interesting to see how they climb a 700 foot ice wall.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Crasters Keep Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

Another segment at Game of Thrones 14/04/2013 showcased Craster giving shelter to the lord commander and the Night's watch members who had survived.They then heard screams to which craster said that the screamer can bite down on a rag or she can bite down on my fist.

Craster then suggests that Lord Commander's men can eat Samwell if they are hungry after which Samwell looked visibly scared as he didn't expect to be in this situation earlier.While Samwell went wandering outside,he found out that his secret crush Gily was all sweaty and howling.He then stares at her and looked horrified.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Castle Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

At the castle during the Season 3,Episode 3 of Game Thrones 14/04/2013 Theon gets released by the Boy as he promised after which he gave him a horse and asked him to head east as his sister was waiting for him.Theon promised the boy a lordship at the iron islands but didn't get the boy's name.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Dragonstone Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

At the Dragonstone in 'The Walk of Punishment' episode Melisandre was leaving for a mysterious mission.Stannis stated 'I want Joffrey Dead and Robb Stark dead',to fulfill his wished he wants to make another demon baby.Melisandre on the other hand claimed that to be a bad idea as his efforts might end up taking his life.She also said that she will find a royal blood who will help accomplish the task.

Game of Thrones - Walk of Punishment - Astapor Review and Recap (14/04/2013)

At the Game of Thrones 14/04/2013,A scene focused back on Dany which showcased a scenic attraction that has been created called as the walk of punishment (A place where disobedient slaves are crucified)

Dany's advisors were arguing about whether to buy the slave army to which Ser Barristan the bold opposed as he said 'We can find soldiers in Pentos',Jorah's argument claimed that they are not men as they wont  loose their control as the argument continued a little longer.

A later segment showed Dany haggle with Kranzy (Slave Master) as she wanted 8,000 unsullied and those in training.During this scene she said 'I will take all or take none' as the translator messed up the lines once again which went funny.

Dany also said she was ready to trade dragons as she did not have enough money,this got Krazny's attention.

Dany Scolded her advisers outside for protesting against her decision in front of the slaver.She also wanted to make sure the translator wanted to join her team as Game of Thrones Season 3,Episode 3 that aired on 14/04/2013 came to an end.

This Review and Recap of Game of Thrones 'The Walk of Punishment' (Season 3,Episode 3) that aired on 14/04/2013 may not be complete to avoid spoilers,so please watch the show to truly enjoy it.

Hope you enjoyed the review and Recap of Game of Thrones Season 3,Episode 3 'The Walk of Punishment' that aired on 14/04/2013.


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