Game of Thrones 31/03/2013 - Season 3 Premiere review

Game of thrones 31/03/2013 - Season 3 episode 1  Premiere review

After 10 months of waiting around Game of Thrones is back.The Popular American Epic Fantasy television series created by HBO started with the season 3 episode 1 premiere on 31/03/2013.The season 3 premiere saw Valar Dohaeris starting from where the season two of this Superhit Television series left off with Sam finally escaping from the white walkers.Below is a small review of the premiere.


Moving ahead in season 3 of Game of Thrones,Sam comes in contact with one of the brothers of the night watch and finds out that the man is actually dead.After this a white walker attacks Sam but as his luck would have it he is saved by Jon's direwolf led by commander Jeor Mormont.Mormont asked Sam if he was the one who sent the ravens to which Sam replied negatively.Mormont and his men also warn the people of westeros that winter was around the corner but that would be the least of their worries.
Game of Thrones

In Premiere of game of thrones 31/03/2013,at the north of the wall is John Snow who is led by Ygritte,while children are throwing rocks at him as he struggles his way through their encampment.

If you remember during Season 2 Jon was actually on assignment on learning why mance had amassed an army and killed the ranger Qhorin Halfhand.Manche asked Jon the reason behind him joining the army to which Mance said Freedom.

In another part of the Game of Thrones 31/03/2013 season 3 premiere Podrick Payne,Tyrion's Squire needed to see Bronn immediately.As Tyrion was waiting in his sickroom trying to heal from the wonds he received from last season's blackwater battle in Game of thrones,his sister cersei arrives.She is refused to enter the room by Tyrion.The main reason behind Cersei trying to visit was to know what will be their particular topic of conversation,Tyrion understands who she was trying to ask (Secret that their brother Jaime and not her late husband Robert is the father of her children),but he plays as dumb as he possibly can.

The other scene of game of thrones 31/03/2013 included a segment of Davos Seaworth who has been shipwrecked after the battle of blackwater.He was eventually found by his friend Salladhor Saan,who convinces the pirate to take him to King Stannis.

At the King's Landing the servants carried  Joffrey in a cart in flea bottom (A place he was attacked in during season 2) where he saw his future bride Maegery Tyrell ministering the orphans.

In another portion in Game of thrones 31/03/2013 Season 3 premiere show the Slaver is questioned by Dany.The words are wrongly translated by Slaver's translator who says "He begs you attend this carefully your grace" from "Tell this ignorant whore of a westerner to open her eyes and watch"(Which was what Dany actually said).

Towards the end of game of thrones episode 1 of season 3 premiere on 31/03/2013 dany and Jorah argued about the morality of owning slaves.A young girl then catches dany's eye,as she tosses him a ball a stranger attacks Dany from behind.Inside the ball is an evil death scorpion,However before it attacks Dany,The stranger manages to kill it.The stranger then reveals himself as Ser Barristan Selmy,Robert Baratheon's and her fathers former Kingsguard was then curelly dismissed by Joffery.

The review of the Game of Thrones which aired on 31/03/2013 that i have posted is basically to give you an idea of what was you can expect out of it.To really enjoy the show and to know everything that happened i would recommend you to watch it.In any case i hope you enjoyed my review of the show

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