God of War Ascension 1.04 Update includes additional Levels

God of War Ascension 1.04 Update includes additional Levels

God of WAR Ascension

The Multiplayer mode of the third person Action Adventure video game 'God of War Ascension' is expected to include additional levels.Santa Monica Studios (Developer) have confirmed the details of the 1.04 update of the game on the PlayStation Blog.The God of War Ascension 1.04 update will introduce elite levels which will increase the level cap from 30 to 40,this will help players who have completed or are close to completing the game achieve a bit more from the game.

Other features included in the 1.04 patch will add 10 additional levels,items,Relics and magical abilities.Sony also confirmed at their blog that the feature was included for the players who have reached the highest levels within the game and for those who are close.

The other information about the 1.04 update will be revealed in the future,confirmed Sony.The other features that will be included is the Champion Stats which will allow players to access to their accomplishments along with the kill death ratio and win percentages within the menu.

The bugs and other issues are also expected to be fixed in the upcoming 1.04 update.The issues expected to be fixed are Audio drop issues,Shared issue that prevented players from getting a hold of the Spear of Destiny in Barbarian Hammer.

The Patch will also optimize matchmaking to allow players to connect to the matches quickly and there will also be other notable improvements.

Its nice to see Sony updating their PS3 exclusive God Of War Ascension to a patch that addresses a number of problems which hinders a players experience.Thats probably one of the reasons why the series is a massive hit among all console games.

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