Judgement Day in Black Ops 2

Mission Judgement Day in Black Ops 2 - Objective,Challenges and Review

Judgement Day was the final mission of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.Just like the first Black ops game this one didn't disappoint either as the storyline seemed so involving that i ended up at the edge of my seat in every chapter i played.Read on for the Mission Objectives,Challenges,Review and a few pictures and videos from Judgement day.

Mission Objective,Challenges and Review


The Objective of Judgement Day in Black Ops 2 was to eliminate or capture Menendez .The chapter is very easy to complete and once again had two choices for players to make.If you leave Menendez alive the game will have no negative consequences unless Karma is dead.If you eliminate Menendez it will be more rewarding depending on what you did in Suffer with me mission.Capturing Menendez is preferable if Karma is alive.


This was a small chapter compared to others within Black Ops 2.The challenges were also just a few which are listed below
  • Avoid the debris and enemy attacks during free fall.
  • Destory the laser turrents within the facility
  • Eliminate 3 enemy quad drones when they are disabled by EMP
  • Take down ten enemies through snipers from more than 40 meters within the game
  • Melee 3 camouflaged enemies.
  • Destroy an enemy CLAW
  • Eliminate 5 enemies with one hit from the kinetic projectile weapon
  • Protect the ASD

Judgement Day Pictures

Menendez looking at woods



Judgement Day Videos

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