NWSL: Kansas VS Portland 13/04/2013 Results

NWSL: FC Kansas City VS Portland Thorns FC 13/04/2013 - Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The football match between  FC Kancas City and Portland Thorns FC on 13/04/2013 created history as this was the first ever NWSL Match.Kansas played splendidly and did not disappoint their fans.The match was a hard fought one and even though the final score showed 1-1 it was good watch.Read on for the complete results,review and Statistical Highlights

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

Kansas City in their football match against Portland Thorns on 13/04/2013 fought hard from the start.Leigh Ann Robinson and Renae Cuellar's partnership was one of the best highlights of the match.The match ended up with the results showing a draw as both the teams shook hands at this first NWSL Match.

FC Kansas City Review and Statistical Highlights (13/04/2013)

Leigh Ann Robinson and Renae Cuellar produced a goal through their partnership after their match against the Portland Thorns on 13/04/2013 saw a few intense moments at the start.The Goal was produced when Robinson sent a pass to Cuellar who took advantage when Karina Le Blanc stepped off the line.Kansas City at one stage had a golden opportunity to extend their lead in the 15th minute when Cuellar ran with the ball but her shot was wide and a goal was unfortunately missed.

Portland Thorns FC Review and Statistical Highlights (13/04/2013)

During the second half of the match Portland Thorns visibly looked under pressure thanks to the goal Kansas scored initially.However as they say there was light at the end of the tunnel as a blunder in the box where Danielle Foxhoven got dragged down helped them with a penalty kick to help them salvage a draw at a score of 1-1.Christine Sinclair also attempted to get the results in favor of the Portland Thorns but the fate of the results was sealed when Desiree Scott intervened.

Final Score/Results/Goals

Score/Goals 1-1 (Draw)

Even though the football match did not see many goals it was nice to see the first match of the tournament being fought hard.

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