Katy Perry's third album 'Schizophrenic' almost complete

Katy Perry's third album 'Schizophrenic' almost complete but no Release Date yet

Katy Perry

The work on the Third Album by Katy Perry which is named Schizophrenic has almost completed but no release date has been confirmed yet.The album is expected to be emotional and intense.She looks to be very confident with the upcoming launch as according to Billboard she recently stated that when she puts herself on the timeline and tells the record company when she wants to release the album,that's when the race starts.

She has already finished half work on her upcoming launch which she described as "schizophrenic" at an event.There were no other details revealed regarding the launch but she did reveal a title of the song to be called as 'Double Rainbow'.
She also gave a hint of what can be expected from the tweet she posted on thursday.

What do you think about Katy Perry's third album 'Schizophrenic'?

photo credit: Liam Mendes


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