Kesha's Album 'lipsha' release date sometime in 2013

Kesha's New Album 'Lipsha' (with Wayne Coyne) Release date to be sometime in 2013


The American Singer-Songwriter and Rapper Kesha is coming back with her new album named Lipsha through which she will be collaborating with Wayne Coyne from the Band 'The Flaming Lips.'The release date of the Album is expected to be sometime in 2013.

After Collaborating with Coyne for a track in 2012 where both the music artists got on very well,They are coming together once again with an all record named Lipsha.

While Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter Kesha Claimed "We are Just are two Weirdos that get together and make noise."

Her illustrated biography in her new MTV series which will be a six part documentary series will premiere on Tuesday night at 23:00 PST.She has claimed that through the show she will let the world know who she actually is.

She has also claimed that the show is not scripted as it reveals her honest and real life.It will be interesting to see how the show shapes up and what we can expect from her upcoming release.

An exact release date of Lipsha has not yet been revealed but is expected sometime in 2013.

What are your thoughts about the Kesha's upcoming new Album named 'Lipsha' which has an expected release date of sometime in 2013 and what are your thoughts about her collaboration with Wayne Coyne?

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