NBA: Lakers VS Warriors 12/04/2013 Results

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers VS Golden State Warriors 12/04/2013 Results,Score and Statistical Highlights

The results of the basketball (NBA) match between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors on 12/04/2013 went in favor of the Lakers but at a price as Kobe Bryant got injured.He was unbelievable as he ignored the pain and continued playing until he finally had to go back to the locker room with three minutes left on the clock.Read on for the results,Review and Statistical Highlights.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights 

The Los Angeles Lakers VS Golden State Warriors NBA Basketball match on 12/04/2013 saw Kobe Bryant getting injured but that did not affect the results of the match from moving away from Los Angeles as they won the match comfortably at a score of 118-116.The match saw great performances by Kobe Bryant and Stephen Currry who gave it their all.This might well be the last basketball match of the season for Bryant as the news suggest he has suffered a torn Achillies tendon which in all probability puts him out of the rest of the season.Despite the injury he showed big heart and played quite well on 12/04/2013.

Warriors Statistical Highlights and Review

The highlights of the Golden State Warriors on 12/04/2013 was Stephen Curry who had a very good night as he scored 47 points,Klay Thomson scored 25 points and David Lee added another 19.During the first quarter curry finished with 9-of-13 shooting and two assists as he ripped through the defense of the Los Angeles Lakers.A superb performance by Curry ended with the Golden State Warriors at an even score of 51 against Los Angeles at Halftime.This performance unfortunately was not good enough for the warriors to pull the results in their favor.

Lakers Statistical Highlights and Review

The highlights from the Los Angeles lakers on 12/04/2013 was Kobe Bryant who despite an injury made 34 points in the second half.He hit three consecutive 3 pointers and led a  9-0 run to tie the score at 107 with 3:47 left,he had to leave due to an injury at 3:07 on the clock but not before he saw the results in favor of the Los Angeles lakers.Dwight Howard was the other highlights of the Los Angeles as he added 28 points and seven rebounds with a 14-for-22 effort at a free throw line and one last point with 1.5 seconds left on the clock.

Final Score/Results (12/04/2013)

Golden State Warriors 32253326116

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