Lost Planet 3 Release delayed

Lost Planet 3 Release delayed

Lost Planet 3
Capcom have confirmed that the release of the third installment in the Lost Planet franchise has been delayed for the Xbox 360,PC and PS3.The game is now expected to release on August 30th in Europe.

The game was expected to make its way on June 25th earlier.There is no official announcement that lets us know why the delay has occurred.Most of the times a delay such as this means that the company is looking to polish the game a bit more to ensure a good user experience and since this franchise is one of the well known one which has done quite well,i wouldn't be surprised if that's the exact reason behind the delay.

Unlike its previous installment Lost Planet 3 is being developed by Spark Limited and is expected to be one of the best in its class since there has been a significant gap between the release of its previous installment and this one.I am not sure if they intend to make the game for next gen consoles as well which might be another reason for the delay,but of course i am just guessing.We should know more when he hear officially from the company.

I didn't like the second installment of the franchise much,The first one was good though.Hopefully the company would have got an idea of what players are expecting from this third person shooter and will implement the same in the upcoming version of the game.

What are your views about the release of Lost Planet 3 being delayed?


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