NCAA Finals: Louisville Vs Michigan 08/04/2013 Results

NCAA Championship: Louisville Cardinals Vs Michigan Wolverines 08/04/2013 Results,Review and Statistical Highlights

The NCAA basketball Championship title match between Louisville Cardinals and Michigan Wolverines on 08/04/2013 was a cracker of a basketball match with both the teams looking to get their hand on the prestigious NCAA title.Read on for the complete results,Review and Statistical Highlights.

Results,Review and Statistical Highlights - NCAA Championship - LC VS MW - 08/04/2013

Louisville Cardinals Review and Statistical Highlights on 08/04/2013

The Highlights of the Louisville Cardinals saw Rick Pitino (Cardinals Coach) having one the best weeks of his life,just before the match he had been inducted into the hall of fame.He could not have wished for a better results on 08/04/2013.

One of the best highlights of Louisville's match was Luke Hancock who played his part very well to help the results in favor of his team.He scored 22 points as Louisville Cardinals marched towards the victory to beat Michigan by 82-76 to win the NCAA championship.

The match saw the cardinals at one stage trail by 12 in their first half but a stunning effort towards the end ensured the results in their favor as they wiped out the entire deficit.

Luke Hancock was the reason behind the cardinals victory on 08/04/2013 and he was also named as the most outstanding player.After coming off the bench he looked very focused and hit four straight three pointers which left Michigan Wolverines in a worry.

Hancock finished with 3f from corner with 3:20 remaining to give cardinals a lead of 76-66 and he ensured that the results didn't slip away from his team after he made two free throws with 29 seconds left on the clock.

Peyson Siva was the other highlights of the Cardinals as he scored 18 points.Chane Behanan did well with 15 points and 12 rebounds as the results slipped away from the wolverines (31-8).

Michigan Wolverines Review and Statistical Highlights on 08/04/2013

The highlights of the play by Michigan Wolverines was Freshman Spike Albrecht who made four straight from behind the arc before the break with 17 points.He didn't do much during the second half.

This was the first title game for Michigan in a long time.Burke started well for Michigan when he hit first three shots and scored seven points.However he was sidelined after his two fouls in the first half.

At one point of the NCAA championship match Albrecht blew by Tim Henderson with a brilliant hesitation move,at this stage Michigan led by 33-21 and Louisville had to call a timeout.

Towards the end Hancock made four straight three pointers as he matched Albrecht but it was not good enough to full the results in their favor.

Results/Final Score of the NCAA Championship 08/04/2013

Louisville Cadrinals374582
Michigan Wolverines383876

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