MTV Movie Awards 14/04/2013 Results

MTV Movie Awards 14/04/2013 Results and Rebel Wilson's performance Review

MTV Movie Awards 2013 took place last night (14/04/2013) and the talk of the entire function was Rebel Wilson.She had a very spirited performance and her comedy skits were hilarious.She started off with endless jokes and kept the audiences entertained and the beauty of her act was her confidence throughout.This was a perfect way to start the show before the results were announced.Read on the complete results and review of Rebel wilson's performance.

Review - MTV Movie Awards  14/04/2013

The annual film awards show by MTV is always fun to watch and this one was no exception.This is a show that gives the audience a chance to cast their nominations through the MTV'S official website which is great as we individually end up affecting the results.

Rebel Wilson performance Review  (14/04/2013)

Rebel Wilson's performance at the MTV Movie awards 2013 was not only about the jokes she cracked or the comedy skits she did,It was much more.She had a good audience interaction as well where she teased the audience by sporting a pink track suit.The Australian actress also dressed up in the outfit of iron man to entertain the audience.

If you don't like watching these kind of  shows,try to watch the MTV Movie awards on 14/04/2013 just for Rebel Wilson's performance.You will not regret it

MTV Movie Awards 14/04/2013 Results

Getting into the main aspect of the show the show on 14/04/2013 the results saw 'The Avengers' getting a chunk of the awards as the film took home three golden popcorn trophies.Read on the complete results below.

Movie of the Year - The Avengers 

Best Female Performance - Jennifer Lawrence,Silver Linings Playbook

Best Male Performance - Bradley Cooper,Silver Linings Playbook

Breakthrough Performance -  Rebel Wilson,Pitch Perfect

Breakthrough Shirtless Performance -  Taylor Lautner,The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Best Fight -  Robert Downey JR.,Chris Evans,Mark Ruffalo,Chris Hemsworth,Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner VS. Tom Hiddleston,The Avengets

Best Kiss - Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper,Silver Linings Playbook

Best WTF moment - Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson, "Candieland gets smoked" in Django Unchained

Best Villian - Tim Hiddleston,The Avengers

Best Musical Moment - Anna Kendrick,Rebel Wilson,Anna Camp,Brittany Snow,Alexis Knapp,Ester Dean and Hana Mae Lee,Pitch Perfect.

Best Hero - Martin Freeman,The Hobbit,An Unexpected Journey

The Trailblazer - Emma Watson

The Generation - Jamie Foxx

The Comedic Genius - Will Ferrell

What did you think about the results,review and Rebel Wilson's Performance at the MTV Movie Awards on 14/04/2013?


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